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Latest on Childhood AIDS Prevention

The Rotary Club of Campbell was honored to be a “beta test” for the project’s launch in 2009, when we hosted an initial club program on the topic. We’ve also been privileged to receive updates on the original Los Altos Rotary AIDS Project in the past, since at least 2004.

Renewing our connection, we welcomed Cynthia Leudtke, from the Rotary Club of Los Altos, to tell us more about childhood AIDS prevention.

While only approximately 100 babies were born with AIDS in the US, more than 300,000 children are born annually in Africa with AIDS they contracted from birth. As a result, much of their recent work has been focused on efforts to mitigate the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Their goal is to raise enough money to prevent 350,000 infants in Africa from contracting HIV/AIDS:

  • $50 Provides HIV testing for 25 women
  • $100 Provides counseling for 50 women
  • $500 Treats 500 HIV-infected pregnant women

Cynthia introduced us to Liberia, an African country especially hard-hit by the AIDS epidemic. recent article in the Rotarian Magazine presented the AIDS Prevention and treatment for newborns in Monrovia, Liberia.

Of course, the Los Altos Rotary Club and the Rotary AIDS Project welcome your support of innocent children in our world. Please contact them for more information.

Please Note: Our originally scheduled speaker, Amy Brown, City Manager of Campbell, as unable to attend today due to a conflict. We hope to reschedule Amy sometime soon.

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  • Dear Rotarians

    Greetings ! I am a fellow Rotarian from Rotary Club of Cupertino. We would like to invite you to become our partner in our club’s flagship “Adopt Tuinuane Village, Kenya project”.

    After the 2007/2008 election, the country fell into chaos and turmoil because of riots and violence. Many innocent people lost their lives and over 300,000 people displaced out of their homes and were forced to live as destitute in the tents. Recently, Kenyan government decided to purchase land for the IDPs ( Internally displaced people ) and resettle them on their own small piece of land.

    Our project is to adopt Tuinuane village of 240 households, located in the fertile Molo district of the rift valley with rich climate. The beneficiaries will be trained in sustainable agriculture and agribusinesses ,creating farm enterprises there by preventing hunger, poverty and creating income generating opportunities for them.

    I am humbly requesting you to join us in uplifting the lives of over 1000 people. Cecelia Babkirk and myself visited the project site in July, 2013. We met the beneficiaries, the host club and Samuel Mohunue of the partner organization. Listening to their challenges, our resolve has grown stronger as ever to help these individuals in their quest to attain better life.

    Enclosed pl find the project details.Pl stop by at our table on Oct.17, 2013 AOS event at Double Tree Hotel. I will be happy to answer your questions.

    Note : Pl forward this mail to International committee.

    Yours In Rotary

    Aruna Goradia

    Cupertino Rotary

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