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Vocational Spotlight

Our first meeting of 2006 featured a collection of presentations from a few of our newer members, including a set of “icebreakers” and a travel report.

Anne Lauzon presented her life story, gleefully accepting the nickname “Trash Lady,” reflective of her role in developing CIWA into a broker for businesses and their garbage and recycling services. She revels in the low tech industry that is highly political, and could talk about it for hours … 😉

Mary Arenas has followed a windy career path to her current business of creating gift baskets for individuals and corporate clients. She was born in San Jose, spent a few years in Texas, and returned to attend SJSU. She’s been a dental assistant, an office manager, and a special education teacher. Just For You By Us has been in business for seven years, and is a great success.

Ravi Chari recently spent some vacation time in India, visiting his brother’s Rotary Club in Madras (now Chennai). He toured tsunami damage first-hand, and was amazed at the devestation … but also heartened by the impact Rotary is having in the community. He also presented our Club with a banner from his brother’s club.

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