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Karen’s Korner, Vol. 6: The Final Chapter

My year as President of Campbell Rotary – serving Campbell, Willow Glen and West San José – is coming to a close on June 30th, and our new president, Brad Cox, will take the helm on July 1st.

This year’s Rotary International theme was “Be the Inspiration” – three words with so much meaning. Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially something creative. The members of Campbell Rotary have been my inspiration all year, and here are just a few of the reasons why:

1. Our members’ commitment to service is phenomenal. No matter what the task or the project, there have ALWAYS been more than enough members of the club and the West Valley Rotary Community Corps to accomplish the task, sometimes on very short notice.

2. Our members are giving and generous. Not only have members stepped up to donate to the Rotary International Foundation, the club foundation, and the End Polio Now campaign, but when called upon without notice to “pass the hat” at a meeting, we consistently raise hundreds of dollars for local charities.

3. Every single member participates fully. We all know situations where a small group does all the work… NOT the case here. Every member of Campbell Rotary has fully participated in serving our club and community this year. This year was the 2nd Annual Orchard City Chili Cookoff, and I am so proud to say that every member of this club stepped up and took part to make it a success. Our new members jump in with energy and enthusiasm and join a committee as soon as they have their red badge.

4. Our members are joyful and welcoming. Guests ALWAYS remark about how welcome they feel when they come to lunch with us, including our incoming District Governor, Ramesh, who was astonished at the level of connection and caring our club has. He said he has never experienced something as extraordinary as he did with this club.

5. We are family. The connection members have to one another is, without a doubt, inspiration itself. When someone is sick, a spouse dies, or they just need a ride to meetings, we have one another’s back… no matter what. When members celebrate, we celebrate with them. We stand by each other.

So, to the members of Campbell Rotary I say, thank you for being my inspiration this year. You have made me a better leader and a better person, and it has been my honor and privilege to serve as your president. You truly are the inspiration.

Yours in service,

3 comments to Karen’s Korner, Vol. 6: The Final Chapter

  • Tim Lundell

    Congratulations on a wonderful, productive and inspiring year, Karen. It has been my honor and privilege to be your Governor.

  • Karen,

    Thank you for being such a wonderful leader for this past year. You are an inspirational leader and I felt throughout the year that we were called upon to Be the Inspiration. That means sometimes we do it our own way, not someone else’s way. I felt it and YOU brought it. Thanks for a great year, Karen!

  • Jerry Cummings

    Thanks and congratulations for a great year for Campbell Rotary.

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