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Club Foundation

Formally known as the Campbell San Jose West Rotary Foundation, the Club Foundation is our club’s local not-for-profit fundraising and charitable giving partner.

Each year, our Rotary Club raises money through fundraising activities, special events, and individual giving. Our local foundation also “reinvests” a portion of its annual financial gain, while also distributing a variety of grants and scholarships.

Please note: Although they both accept tax-deductible charitable donations, our local Foundation and The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International are completely separate entities.

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Foundation Bylaws
Last amended March 2006

Board of Directors 2016-17

  • Bill Ellington
  • Bill Highley
  • Phil Nielsen
  • Fred Meyer
  • Kathy Williamson
  • Bob Yager

Advisory Council

  • Jennifer Carauddo – Club President
  • Peter Allen – Club President-Elect
  • Mason McKown – Past President
  • John Shannon – Past President
  • Debbie Davis
  • Dick Garland
  • Rex Osborn