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“Janine in Rotaryland”

Janine in RotarylandA star-studded cast, an award winning script, a million dollar view, delicious food and beverages, and a very good-natured Past President made for a fabulous debunking at the home of Marv and Bonnie Bamburg on Sunday evening. Peter Allen scripted a wonderful play based on “Alice in Wonderland” in which Past-President Janine was put on trial by Jennifer “Queen of Hearts” Carauddo at a “Tee” Party hosted by Peter “Mad Hatter” (“Please, just call me Mad.”) Allen.

Janine was accused, among other things, of causing overcrowding at meetings by recruiting so many new Rotarians, and even celebrating the procreation of future Rotarians! Janine, always the good sport, even had a speaking part in the play, which was sprung on her when she arrived at the party. And without any rehearsal or prior warning, she pulled off her role with great aplomb.

Janine was presented with a “Past President” pin and wall plaque by current President John Shannon, recognizing her very successful tenure as our club’s President. Janine said she had a great year because she always felt like she was simply doing things with her friends. Janine will continue to serve the club in many ways as she remains on our Board of Directors for 2014-2015.

Club Assembly Today

Light Up Rotary 2014-15Today’s meeting will be a Club Assembly. We will conduct normal business at the beginning of the session and then move into some brief “Inaugural Comments” from yours truly and a look at the upcoming “Year in Pre-View.” We will also have some interactive opportunities for members to learn something new about their fellow Rotarians.

Another topic will be where our money comes from and where it goes. This is designed to be helpful for new and veteran members alike. What’s the difference between “club” money and “foundation” money, and where does it go? Those are some of the questions we will seek to answer as well as clarify other monetary issues. Finally, there will be a brief photo report of the Sydney Conference. This will, hopefully, be of help to Mason as he looks forward to the 2015 RI Conference in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and for anyone else who may want to attend.

Also, many of you have been kind enough to ask to see photos of Australia and New Zealand — two beautiful countries. I will be kind enough to let them play at the beginning of our meeting, without commentary. A picture, after all, is worth a thousand words!

John Shannon
President, Rotary Club of Campbell 2014-15

The State of the City

Evan Low at RotaryCampbell Mayor Evan Low joined us for our final luncheon of the year to update the club on the status of numerous projects and initiatives throughout the city, including redevelopment and pedestrian improvements of the East Campbell Avenue portal between Downtown and the Pruneyard.

Mayor Low also gave a call to action to Rotary and other service organizations for community building. Many of his comments were taken from his State of the City address at the Heritage Theater on May 22nd. You can visit the City’s website at to watch a video of the full address.

As a special treat for our last meal under President Marv Bamburg, we were honored to be hosted by the International Culinary Center on Hamilton Ave. We had an incredible turnout for the food and our guest speaker, both of which impressed, as always.

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