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Tee off this Friday!

Rotary GT bugIt’s that time of year for our club — all of our clubs, actually: drivers, nine irons, putters! This Friday, September 19th, our annual Charity Golf Tournament will be held at The Villages Golf and Country Club in East San Jose. Registration will begin at 11am with tee-off at 1pm.

Registered golfers will be treated to a beautiful 18-hole round of golf, carts, practice bucket of balls, a BBQ lunch, gift bags, and beverages on the course, all capped with a delicious buffet dinner and prize presentations.

Tournament Co-Chairs, Jim Neal, Mike Anderson, and Sue Klear and many more Rotarians have done all of the planning and hard work “beating the bushes” to gather prizes, gifts, golfers, and to put all the extra touches on the tournament to make it a premier event.

Members have solicited sponsors, golfers, and prizes for this major fundraising effort, but there is still work to be done. Sign up at today’s lunch to help out at Friday’s tournament. Many hands are still needed to help register golfers, organize the gift bags, give directions, help out at the beverage holes, putting contest, live and silent auction, raf?e, and much, much more.

Speaking of prizes: We have a vacation in Cabo (post-Hurricane), Sharks & 49ers tickets, sports memorabilia, hotel stays, wine tasting parties, golf packages, restaurant gift certi?cates, gift cards… and on and on. Don’t miss a minute!

- President John Shannon

Some Rotary Firsts

Campbell Rotary Club Banner

The official flag of the Rotary Club of Campbell

Here’s a little “Did you know?” for anyone who considers themselves a Rotary history buff…

The first:

  • Rotary club meeting was in Chicago in Feb., 1905 • Regular lunch meetings were in Oakland, CA • Rotary convention was in Chicago in August 1910
  • Rotary club outside the U.S. was in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in November, 1910
  • Rotary club outside of North America was organized in Dublin, Ireland in March, 1911
  • Rotary club in a non-English speaking country was in Havana, Cuba, June, 1916
  • Rotary club in South America was organized in Montevideo, Uruguay, July 1918
  • Rotary club in Asia was chartered in Manila, Philippines, June 1919
  • Rotary club in Africa was in Johannesburg, South Africa, July 1921
  • Rotary club in Australia was chartered in Melbourne in April, 1921.

Another first was the formal adoption of the official Rotary flag consisting of a white field with the official wheel emblem emblazoned in gold at the center. This was adopted at the Rotary International Convention in Dallas, Texas, in 1929.

Rotary flags have been to many interesting places around the world. Admiral Richard Byrd carried a small Rotary flag with him on expeditions to the North and South Poles during his career.

For the centennial of Rotary in 2005, the Rotary flag made it to the summit of both Mount McKinley in Alaska and Mount Everest in Nepal and China. Where will you take it?

District Governor’s Visit

Ed Jellen

District 5170 Governor Ed Jellen

Mark your calendars! Save the date! Tuesday, September 30, will be a big day for The Rotary Club of Campbell. That is the day of our annual visit from the District 5170 Governor, Ed Jellen. The Governor will meet with members of the club’s Board of Directors prior to the start of our regular lunch meeting to learn about the many projects and programs of which we are so rightfully proud.

During the regular meeting, Ed will be our main speaker. The Governor’s visit is always a big event in the life of a local club and a big day for the club’s President. Like when favorite relatives visit for the Holidays, we want to put our best foot forward.

This annual visit is a good time for the Governor to thank and recognize those members who have pledged or who have already made a contribution to The Rotary Foundation, so help out Dick Garland when he distributes this year’s pledge cards and be one of the “Every Rotarian” who contributes “Every Year!”

The other big event this year is our club’s participation in the annual “President’s Project.” As you know, Governor Ed has challenged all of the clubs in District 5170 to gather school supplies to present to the teachers of a local school. We have selected Rosemary School and have already — thanks to your generosity — gathered many of the items that Rosemary’s Principal, Brian Schmaedick, has suggested would be most appreciated by his staff.

My plan is to have a large pyramid of school supplies on hand for the Governor to present to Mr. Schmaedick on September 30th. We have done well in gathering cases of copy paper for the 25 teachers at Rosemary. All we need is to collect a relatively few more pencils and dry erase markers to make the “pyramid” complete. We will have one last “pass the envelope” opportunity at this week’s meeting.

We will invite the local press, of course, for what should be a golden photo opportunity. The one snag in all of this is that we have been displaced from our regular meeting place on that day. No worries — we will find a suitable local change of venue.

– John Shannon, Club President

Bits & Tidbits

Some news and notes from our President:

  • In the first two months of this Rotary year, club members have put in over 100 hours of service to our community!
  • If you do a “make-up” activity or club visit, let Leonard Cino know within two weeks of your make-up event.
  • Do you know who was President of the Campbell Rotary Club in ’99-2000, 2001-’02, ’02-’03, ’03-’04? Those names are missing from our list of Past Presidents. Tell John if you know.
  • 17 of our current members have served as Club President at least once.
  • The Rotary Club of Campbell will sponsor 3 Interact Clubs this year: Willow Glen High, Archbishop Mitty High, and Harker Academy.
  • District 5170 will charter a new Rotary Club this year located in the Fremont-Newark Area! Their “Charter Night” event will be October 4th. Save the date!
  • The Rotary Foundation is one of the highest-rated charitable organizations in the world, earning a “4-Star” rating from The Charity Navigator, including a 100% rating for Accountability & Transparency?
  • Last year, 37 clubs in District 5170 reached 100% of their Rotary Foundation (TRF) goals. Our club had over 95% of members contribute to TRF. This year, let’s reach 100%!

Annual EREY Drive Approaching

EREY banner

A message from our President…

Last Saturday, Past-President Janine Payton and I attended a District 5170 workshop on The Rotary Foundation and District Grants. We’ll save info on the Grants program for a later day. Today’s column will deal with The Rotary Foundation (TRF).

“Rotary happens at the club level” is a popular refrain in the Rotary world. And, here in Campbell, we do spend most of our money and all of our time working with other groups helping to make our local area a better place. What is unique about us is that we are also a part of a larger, international organization that spends its time and money making the world a better place.

At this year’s Rotary International Conference in Sydney, I learned about clubs doing some amazing things around the world: There is a U.S. club that helps bring Nigerian sex workers off the streets, giving them sewing machines and the skills to go with them to allow the women to regain their dignity, and provide for their families in a safer way; clubs embark on water projects to allow women and children in third world countries to obtain clean, safe water in their own villages, thereby eliminating the need for hours of walking each day to collect water at some distant watering hole; we learned last week of the work of the Los Altos Club’s Childrens’ AIDS Prevention Project, and on and on. At first I thought how great it would be if our club could support projects like these. But WAIT. We DO! We do support these and other projects around the world every time we donate to TRF.

Here’s how that works: When we contribute to TRF, those funds are recorded along with contributions of other clubs in District 5170. Three years later, half of those funds come back to our District as “District Designated Funds” (DDF), the other half are retained by Rotary International for use by clubs around the world for matching global grants. When the District receives the funds each year, they use a mathematical formula to distribute funds back to each club in a proportion that the club donated to TRF. The more we give, each year, the more we get back, three years hence. It is worth noting that District 5170 is one of the few districts that provides DDF back to local clubs.

So this year our club is receiving over $3,400 in DDF based on our giving during the 2011-2012 Rotary Year. We are using these funds to help pay for back packs and to help fund scholarships for our local high school senior(s).

My goal for our club this year is to have 100% of us contribute SOME amount to TRF. So, when Dick Garland hands out the pledge cards in the coming weeks, lets all step up to the challenge and put our club into a better position three years from now!

- John Shannon

Campbell Rotary Visits West Valley Veterans’ Resource Center

Rotary at VRCRecent studies have indicated that veterans, in general, are reluctant to ask for help upon their return to civilian life, except if those offering assistance are veterans themselves. This may explain why the Veterans’ Resource Center at West Valley College is considered to be one of the best VRCs in the state. With VRC President Andrew Rocha, a veteran of recent Middle East conflicts, helps lead the services provided to student vets at the Saratoga campus. Starting out as simply “a couch”, West Valley’s VRC is now housed in a suite of offices, includes a few computers and printers that vets may use to print out their schedules, research topics for class reports and find the kind of personal help and support that is so valuable to a successful return to civilian life.

On Wednesday, August 6th, Campbell Rotarians Dr. Sue Klear, Adrienne Grey (a Trustee of West Valley College), and President John Shannon visited the VRC. West Valley President Brad Davis and Vice President of Student Services Victoria Hindes along with Bernadette Walker and Rocha welcomed and thanked the visiting Rotarians for their past support of the center.

Campbell’s Rotary Club provided special graphing calculators and Smartpens for use by student vets. A plaque outside the VRC’s office expresses appreciation to our club. With it’s recent growth, the VRC continues to have special needs. The computers in the VRC, though useful, are quite dated and in need of replacement. Even the small refrigerator that the center uses to provide vets with water and drinks on their visits is in need of a replacement.

The VRC serves over 100 veterans of wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and service around the world. Dependents of veterans also benefit from the center’s outreach and support activities. Our Board of Directors will discuss ways to continue to support the great work that the VRC does right here at the nearby campus. We will look for a way to be a more constant source of support for the center that does so much to support those who have done so much for our country.

You can click here or on the picture below to read a report from the VRC thanking Campbell Rotary’s support!

Veterans Resource Center Report

400 Backpacks

Backpack Drive 2014

Assemblyman Paul Fong (center) fills backpacks with Field Rep Patrick Ahrens and Campbell Rotary Member Cassandra Bowers

On July 29th, in cooperation with EMQ Families First, the Rotary Club of Campbell purchased and filled 400 backpacks with school supplies for children in need. This was the sixth year for this project and the largest number of donated backpacks.

“Partnering with the Rotary Club of Campbell on this project allows us to help more than 400 students in need begin their school year with the necessary tools for learning,” said Darren DeMonsi of EMQ, who has worked with the Rotary Club on this project every year.

“Starting off the school year without needed supplies puts these kids behind before they even start,” said project coordinator Janine Payton, Immediate Past President of Campbell Rotary. “Most of us think nothing of spending $50 on supplies for our kids each year, but these families often have to choose between food and shelter or supplies.”

EMQ Families First identifies the students who need the help, and Campbell Rotary is happy to provide both the items and the workforce needed to assemble the packs. A Rotary Club member procures the back packs at wholesale prices and Target at Westgate helps out every year by assembling all the supplies needed for the project for easy purchase and pick-up.

This year, the assembly took place in the Orchard City Banquet Hall at the Campbell Community Center immediately following the club’s regular lunch meeting. Joining us were Assemblyman Paul Fong, his Field Representative Patrick Ahrens, three students from the Willow Glen High School Interact Club, and several other local city officers.

Packs were completed about every 10 seconds. Now that’s what we call service above self!

“Janine in Rotaryland”

Janine in RotarylandA star-studded cast, an award winning script, a million dollar view, delicious food and beverages, and a very good-natured Past President made for a fabulous debunking at the home of Marv and Bonnie Bamburg on Sunday evening. Peter Allen scripted a wonderful play based on “Alice in Wonderland” in which Past-President Janine was put on trial by Jennifer “Queen of Hearts” Carauddo at a “Tee” Party hosted by Peter “Mad Hatter” (“Please, just call me Mad.”) Allen.

Janine was accused, among other things, of causing overcrowding at meetings by recruiting so many new Rotarians, and even celebrating the procreation of future Rotarians! Janine, always the good sport, even had a speaking part in the play, which was sprung on her when she arrived at the party. And without any rehearsal or prior warning, she pulled off her role with great aplomb.

Janine was presented with a “Past President” pin and wall plaque by current President John Shannon, recognizing her very successful tenure as our club’s President. Janine said she had a great year because she always felt like she was simply doing things with her friends. Janine will continue to serve the club in many ways as she remains on our Board of Directors for 2014-2015.

Club Assembly Today

Light Up Rotary 2014-15Today’s meeting will be a Club Assembly. We will conduct normal business at the beginning of the session and then move into some brief “Inaugural Comments” from yours truly and a look at the upcoming “Year in Pre-View.” We will also have some interactive opportunities for members to learn something new about their fellow Rotarians.

Another topic will be where our money comes from and where it goes. This is designed to be helpful for new and veteran members alike. What’s the difference between “club” money and “foundation” money, and where does it go? Those are some of the questions we will seek to answer as well as clarify other monetary issues. Finally, there will be a brief photo report of the Sydney Conference. This will, hopefully, be of help to Mason as he looks forward to the 2015 RI Conference in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and for anyone else who may want to attend.

Also, many of you have been kind enough to ask to see photos of Australia and New Zealand — two beautiful countries. I will be kind enough to let them play at the beginning of our meeting, without commentary. A picture, after all, is worth a thousand words!

John Shannon
President, Rotary Club of Campbell 2014-15

An Update from Cambodia