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Ethics in Business Award

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Rotary Club of Campbell Ethics in Business Award

This award will honor an action, decision, or program that demonstrates integrity, conviction, and moral courage in business.

An Ethical Decision. Tell us about a decision made by an individual in a company or a company itself, which demonstrates the Rotary Four Way Test, which was made despite incentives or self interest to decide otherwise.

An Ethical Business Policy or Program. Such a policy or program insures the company operates ethically or maximizes the social benefit in doing day to day business. This kind of nomination would honor someone who has thought hard about how to do business in an ethically and socially responsible manner, so that others benefit from the way he/she does business.

An Ethical Culture. This kind of nomination honors a business culture where employees know that company values want them to make the right ethical choice no matter what. Company leadership has done specific things to insure its employees treat people right and act ethically.

This award is not about companies or individuals who give generously to the community. This is about a decision, a policy or a program which are part of day to day business. The nomination could be for a non profit or governmental organization which has made special efforts to do its day to day business ethically.

The Four-Way Test


You can note a company name or an individual and the decision, policy or program which merits our consideration. Just provide the following information:

Company/Individual Name, City

Decision, Policy or Program you admire