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Speaker Tips

Check out these Frequently Asked Questions, and let us know if you have others!

How long do I get to speak?

You’ll get about 30 minutes, including Q&A, beginning immediately after club business and announcements. We have a hard stop at 1:30pm, so please try to wrap up by 1:25.

Do I have to pay for lunch?

Nope. It’s on us, and we encourage you to eat before your presentation. It’s a great way to get to know our members.

Can I sell my book, CD, DVD, BlueRay, swag, etc. at your meeting?

Please DO NOT promote sales products or solicit donations without explicit approval by the Club in advance.

Are there restrictions on what I can talk about?

Rotary International and Campbell Rotary are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. As such, we DO NOT allow programs with explicitly religious and/or politically partisan topics or overtones.

If you are reaching out to us directly and not through a member recommendation, please submit a brief summary of your presentation and resume (if available) to

What kind of tech do you have for my presentation?

Our meeting room offers the following AV equipment:

  • 60″ LCD video screen
  • HDMI, VGA, and Lightning output/input with sound
  • Mac and PC laptops for running PowerPoint presentations (bring the file on a flip drive!)
  • Free WiFi (password protected)

Please contact us at least one week prior to your presentation with any special requests.