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Book Donations

Book StickerFor many years,, we’ve thanked each of our weekly program speakers with a book donation made in their honor to Rosemary Elementary School.

How it Works

The Club buys a quantity of children’s books at the recommendation of elementary school library staff. We add a special Rotary insignia to each book, and the speaker signs his/her name inside the front cover. The book is then donated to Rosemary School. We believe this is a wonderful way to benefit local youth and also spread awareness about our club and activities.

Donate a Book

Below is a list of books chosen for donation. If the book has already been donated, the honored speaker is listed below a picture of the front cover. For your convenience, illustrations and editorial content for these books is provided by If you’d like, these books may also be purchased through Amazon.

If a speaker’s name is not listed below a book, the book will donated in the near future from one of our upcoming speakers (a list is maintained on our complete Club Calendar).

NOTE: Although we are proud to have donated these books, Campbell Rotary and its members do not necessarily endorse or promote these books for every family and every reader. Please consult your librarian or bookseller before choosing books for your children.