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1991-92 saw John Murphy as President … the San Jos? West Rotary Foundation had $34,500 in the till … $5,000 was committed to the ’92…Camp Campbell project – – – President John had three goals that year … 1) Have Fun … 2) Support Community Projects like Camp Campbell … 3) Build Membership … member Rudi Grziwok, a Psychiatrist, gave perfect advice, “Before getting married, every young man should have his head examined” … Ray Ferrie did an excellent job as bulletin editor … Dick Garland has 30 years Perfect Attendance and Jerry Scott has 22 … in August we had a great social event at San Jos? Raquet Club: Paul Bacosa, Emily Van Hoorickx and Sherman Zell did the work … unfortunately, Good Samaritan lost the political infighting and the franchise to float all those rubber ducks went to an Oakland hospital … no more rubber duck races for us.

John Masterman, who was one of the club pillars during the years of the Rubber Duck Races, was our President for 1992-93 … John’s objectives were to strengthen membership, improve the quality of luncheon speakers, and increase weekly attendance … John saw to the building of a kiosk in the Felton Covered Bridge Park … with the tremendous assistance of Ann O’Neill, we began a new fund raising golf tournament in conjunction with Women Ahead, an exceptionally congenial group of women lawyers … the first year netted over $5,000 for the club … President John’s contributions to the club’s success over the years has been significant, having been a prominent part of the Rubber Duck Races and helped institute the Golf Tournament …the club realized a net increase of five members, from 52 to 57.

Phil Nielsen, a member since 1979, was the elected President for the year 1993-94 … as a successful leader, here are some of Phil’s accomplishments … $5,000 to YMCA to send underprivileged kids to camp … raised $1276 for earthquake relief … provided a science scholarship for Randall Elementary School … painted a schoolroom and did two work projects at Camp Campbell … ran a dry-land duck race and a golf tournament to raise almost $12,000 … several projects involved foreign students … served meals to the homeless … two field trips to the new San Jos? Arena and to the Civic Lite Opera … with the help of Rex Osborn and about 8 Rotarians who had not yet had their driver’s licenses suspended, a Meals-On-Wheels program was begun.

Jerry Cummings was President during the 1994-95 year and our club received a Presidential Citation for the club’s work in community service … we built picnic tables at Camp Campbell … served meals to the homeless at the San Jos? Armory … collected warm jackets for the homeless … donated about $800 in household items to the drug recovery house … continued Rex Osborn’s Meals-On-Wheels food program … took part in the Ming Quong Strawberry Festival … when the Midtown club closed its figurative doors, we were lucky to have six of their members transfer to San Jos? West … we held a very successful Third Annual Golf Tournament with 120 golfers … Joe McTaggart lost the pictures … held special collections for Japanese earthquake victims, including Chrysler Corporation who lost more than 10,000 engines when the Kobe piers shook themselves into the Inland Sea … collected for relief for the collapsed Oklahoma Federal Building and California Flood victims … President Jerry played his kazoo to celebrate Ray Ferrie’s 85th birthday … and Warren Gilbert finally told a good joke!

President Jim Parks, an energetic CPA, led us to a successful year in 1995-96. … many interesting programs including Bob Caret, President of SJSU … an excellent Christmas party guided by Jerry Cummings and Janice Ebert … gifts were provided for children of Sacred Heart … we contributed turkeys and hams to Second Harvest Food Bank … the fourth annual Chip ‘n Dip Golf Classic in conjunction with Women Ahead was a BIG success, realizing almost $12,000 for the club … President Jim instituted a monthly calendar of events to keep us informed … Al Williams heads up the San Jos? West Rotary Foundation and does a bang-up job … the FIRST Annual Flea Market, headed by genial Jim Audibert, was a success due to the support of all members …

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