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Bob Kithcart, 1975-76 President, featured many vocational talks by members … in June Rotary Foundation medals were presented to Steve Nakashima and Herb Richards, the first two Paul Harris Fellows in our club … $2750 was appropriated for sending children to Camp Campbell … the club banner was revised and new ones manufactured for presentation to visitors … additional emphasis was given to the INTERACT clubs at local High Schools … Sally Clark of Australia is here on a Rotary International program, she is living with the Art Lund family and attending Willow Glen High … the new club project, a soup, wine and cheese tasting event was held in May at the Winchester Mystery House … we ended the year with 71 members, a net loss of three … ugh!

Don Ryan of San Jos? State University was our 1976-77 President … Don was well organized and kept abreast of all committees and their work … this Rotary year coincided with the US Bicentennial – as a means to levy fines for the year he used scholarly questions tied in with significant events of the 200 year history of the United States … there was a big emphasis on signing up Paul Harris Fellows and twelve new Fellows resulted … in addition to Camp Campbell, civic projects were donations to the San Jos? Civic Lite Opera and to the San Jos? Music Theater … an innovation that got a lot of guys in trouble was the sending of a rosebud in a vase to each spouse of a member on her birthday – wasn’t the unexplained arrival of that rose the proximate cause of Warren Gilbert’s divorce? the Rotary International Convention was held in New Orleans with 13,935 present … as a new club project we co-sponsored with the San Jos? Civic Lite Opera, a production of Oklahoma and made $2275 for our efforts … several members of our club had their homes used for hospitality during the 1977 RI Convention held in San Francisco … Don said it was a fun year.

July, 1977, saw Jim Jeffery as our leader and President … he attributed a successful year to a fine group of officers and Board members, including Don Zerwer as Secretary and Rich Cardelli as Treasurer … Bob Buckles got 20 men together for a golf outing … Art Lund, as our pilot, flew 23 of us to Napa in his DC-3, and a great dinner was had at Napa. In May, Art received the prestigious Tower Award from San Jos? State University for his contributions as President of the Spartan Foundation … the club reached the 200% plateau in Rotary Foundation giving … our District was ninth in the world … the new club project committee under Dick Garland suggested building a hexagon-shaped building at Camp Campbell, and also the club voted to spend $3000 towards its expense … a major undertaking, the construction consumed four consecutive weekends that May … an older building was first demolished by our wrecking crew … Warren Gilbert was the architect, Leroy Hiatt and Stan Gadway supervised construction, Joe McTaggart took pictures, and we would still be there cutting lumber but for George Siegfried, who paid attention in third grade and knew how to figure the angles to cut the rafters … 14 members did the actual work … four of our members, Duff Delemater, Harry Murphy, Jim Rush and Fred Swisher became Paul Harris Fellows … during the year we took in 16 new members but lost 12 old ones, ending up with 79.

Jim Rush, now deceased, was President we don’t believe that Jim took the archives with him, but we have no club records for that year. Officers were … Vice President, Rich Cardelli – Secretary, Doug Morgan – Treasurer, Frank Spilker … the 1978 convention was held in Tokyo, Japan drawing 40,155 Rotarians and their families from 95 countries, the largest attendance ever at an RI convention.

Our President for 1979-80 was Rich Cardelli … this was also the 75th year of Rotary … Fred Swisher chaired the 75th celebration program in October, 1979, Rich Cardelli invited past presidents to a gala luncheon … 25 past presidents attended and were feted … nine members became Paul Harris Fellows during the year, totaling 18 in San Jos? West … others contributed many dollars toward their eventual Paul Harris Fellowship … a very successful soup, wine and cheese party contributed $3,000 to the club treasury … yes, we finally got the gazpacho up to a rolling boil!

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