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In June, 1947 the club had 100% attendance at the RI Convention held in San Francisco – total attendance 14,678. Joint meetings were held with the Lions and Kiwanis Clubs of the Beverly-Burbank area … a club bulletin called “Rotiform” was initiated … the club was reprimanded by the District Governor when he noted the members were having too much fun at a party held in the old Falstaff Brewery … Vocational talks were started and were well received.

The year 1948-49 was headed by Paul Delavan … the club sponsored a Scout Troop … contributed $200 to start a rotating loan fund at San Jos? State Teacher’s College … social activities were high on the agenda and potluck dinners were held at Almaden Barn, McGinty’s Barn and the Alviso Yacht Club … the ladies held rummage sales to assist in club projects.

Glen McCune headed the club in 1949-50. Glen took strong measures to assure 100% attendance resulting in a $25 fine for missing a meeting … this fine became standard practice for the next five years … twenty members were in the club and a quartet was formed … summer campership for 16 boys and a Little League team was sponsored … children’s Christmas parties for Rotary families was started. Glen was a huge man who loved to eat and at his debunking he was placed at a separate table where he was served only water while the members laughed.

Roy Emery, Jr. presided during the 1951-52 year … he became the most knowledgeable about Rotary of any of the club members … Roy encouraged members to learn more about Rotary above the club level … total membership was now 30 and every meeting but one was 100% attended … in later years, Roy and Evelyn, his wife, seldom missed a conference and attended many Rotary International conventions around the world and on his return reported to the club what he had encountered.

1952-53 saw Herb Richards leading the Beverly-Burbank Rotary Club (he had only joined the year before) … he was a strong leader, quiet and easygoing … on recommendation of the District Governor the club drew up a budget and had an annual audit … the club continued sponsoring camperships, aided the Boy Scout Troop and Little League and supported the hospital tuberculosis rehabilitation program … the club area boundaries changed from residential to more business and professional services thus providing the opportunity to bring in more members … a plan for the formal introduction of new members at a club ceremony was established … new members were given a ‘Green Badge’ which they wore until certain Rotary Information and partici pation activities were completed … another innovation took place when three man teams visited each Rotary Club in the county and invited their members to visit West San Jos? … at the District Conference that year a plaque was presented to West San Jos? for having the highest attendance percentage of any club in the District Perc Bliss later became District Governor for the year 1962-63, the only member of our club (so far) to achieve that honor.

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