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Health Insurance from Storz Insurance

It would be OK if you get all your news from Campbell Rotary weekly luncheons! Because we have the best — and most timely — speakers every week.


The big national news is about the Affordable Care Act (ACA and aka ObamaCare), so Campbell Rotary has you covered with implementation details presented by a long-time South Bay and second-generation family business, Storz Insurance. Storz

Mika Storz joined Storz Insurance Services, Inc. and became a health insurance specialist shortly after graduating from UCLA in 2003. Her current focus is providing solutions that help clients work through their health insurance options, including the looming implementation of the Affordable Care Act. She actively volunteers as a Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce Ambassador and previously served two terms as a Silicon Valley Association of Health Underwriters(SVAHU) Board Member.

Mika’s presentation focused on the pending switch for individual private policies from current policies to new ones that comply with the law effective January 1. Even with that deadline, Mika says it’s OK to hold tight for some time while waiting to see which program and implementation changes will arrive before the deadline. The Caifornia exchange is open, and will remain open until March. Mika recommended a target of enrolling in December to see the best options.

She also warned everyone to be vigilant against scams related to confusion and misunderstandings about the new law. If someone is calling you at home — especially with scary pressure tactics — it’s probably a scam.

The correct medical insurance exchange for Californians is For those without internet access, Covered CA can be reached at 800-300-1506.

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