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WWII: The Jeeter Bug – John Weller

Special historical programs are a specialty of the Rotary Club of Campbell, and our “World War II” series alone could be worthy of significant recognition.

Today, we expand on that, hearing from John Weller, crewman on “The Jeeter Bug,” which over Iwo Jima during the second World War. John is also a former Rotarian.

The story of one special flight was turned into a documentary in 2005, and was the focus of a story in the WG Resident:

Weller, the navigator of the B-24 plane, the Jeeter Bug, said the story is about, “heroism and lifelong friendship.”

On March 12, 1945, the Jeeter Bug, led by pilot Lieutenant Frank Jeeter, was forced to land in the middle of a battle between United States and Japanese soldiers.

The crew was on a bombing mission to Chi Chi Jima, an island about 50 miles away from Iwo Jima.

They received heavy enemy fire, destroying two of their engines. The crew could not make it back to their base, so they decided to land on Iwo Jima.

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