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Dr. Sue’s Farewell Message

Tuesday: Meet at JAMsj

On June 26, our Weekly Luncheon meeting will take place at the Japanese American Museum of San Jose located at 535 North 5th St. in San Jose. Please RSVP via by adding a comment so we can include you in our “box lunch” plan!

Parking: Street parking is available, but at METERED slots only (police do monitor the area regularly). There is a public parking lot at the corner of North 6th and Jackson for $2. You may also park for free at the parking lot of the Wesley Methodist Church across the street from the museum.

One New Location … One New Date

Week of “wow” … and Golf!

Fair Political Practices Commission

If you aren’t coming to our weekly Rotary Luncheons, you are missing the best speaker series in the South Bay. Proof: It’s Election Day in California and our guest is Ann Ravel, chair of the California Fair Political Practices Commission.

The FPPC was established in 1974 in the wake of Watergate and other local governmental scandals. Today, with the existence of continuing ethical challenges and controversial campaign contribution statistics, the effectiveness of the FPPC is a hot topic. Ms. Ravel suggested that the success will be measured less by the rules, and more by the behavior. She hopes better, more ethical people will run for office more frequently than we see today.

She discussed a variety of strategies to get people more involved and connected with the process. In response to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, campaign finance is big money. As one example of the many ways to counter large corporate funding, federal officials are contemplating allowing phone-text donations to allow individual donors.