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Wrapping Up 2011

Are You Active Over 50?

Yes or No … Today’s guest offered stories and tips for living happily and healthfully well into the latter half of your own personal century.

Larry Hayes, Editor of “Active Over 50” magazine owns and operates websites, print magazines, and is also developing a television show. His topic today: “Follow Your Dreams.”

Seventy-two years old, Larry was raised in a rural small town in Kansas, graduated with a high school class of 25 students, and had no dreams. At age 17, he joined the Air Force. He recognized instantly that officers in the armed forces had college degrees. From there, his chosen career followed journalism and mass communication, including a stint in the Peace Corps. At age 29, he joined the San Jose Mercury News as a staff reporter, followed quickly by a career in advertising sales and high tech marketing, communication, and public relations.

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