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San Jose Redevelopment Agency

Amidst a fascinating time for the Redevelopment Agency of San Jose, we welcome its executive director Harry Mavrogenes.

Harry has a degree in urban planning from SF State University, and has spent time in Florida prior to coming to San Jose. He described his career in redevelopment as working to improve the way quality of life3 and the way people live in their communities.

Mavrogenes reviewed a list of projects in San Jose, including the 360 and 88 Condo projects, multiple residential and parking projects, and other high-rise residential buildings in Downtown San Jose. The San Jose Convention Center stemmed from Redevelopment Agency work, and the envision expansion will add ballrooms and needed banquet facilities. The next big project will be a combination of low-rise and high-rise residential and commercial businesses in North San Pedro Square.

“Vision North San Jose” is evolving the northern region of our City (from the Airport north to Highway 237) through 2030 to include greater infrastructure, including transit, jobs and housing.

Just a few weeks ago, public proposals for the Diridon Station Area were released, with hopes to enhance the existing train station and San Jose Arena complexes with greater transit options (high speed rail) and a large downtown ballpark.

Memorial Day 2011

Rotary Newsletter May 31 2011

Campbell Union School District

Today’s speaker was Eric Andrew, superintendent of the Campbell Union School District. From preschool to eighth grade, CUSD’s teachers focus on high academic standards and achievement for every student. More than 7,300 students attend 12 exceptional schools, which serve the communities of Campbell, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, San Jose, Santa Clara, and Saratoga.

He discussed the history of the District, reviewed a few of the unique programs offered by schools across the region, and challenged us to consider the new ways of learning necessary for success in the 21st Century. Students need to learn how to access and use the vast information resources that are available at fingertips, while also learning to work together with different people across a changing global landscape.

Rotarians Share Careers With Students

Rotary Newsletter May 17 2011

Campbell Adult Education

Campbell Rotary is committed to learning more about our community! Today for lunch, we heard from the Campbell Adult and Community Education program … which is committed to helping our community learn more about everything!

CACE was represented by adult education director Bob Harper and Rhonda Farber, superintendent of Campbell Union HS District. They also welcomed Joseph Lozano, an adult student of the CACE program.

Mr. Harper reviewed the history of Adult Education in America and presented statistics highlighting the importance of these programs in the past and through modern day. In fact, literacy and reading competence is the leading indicator of criminal recidivism in the adult prison population. Seniors attending classes tend to maintain high-level mental functions and tend to be healthier and more active then those who do not. Job training across the workforce is another continuing need in our nation

Locally, the adult education program was assimilated into the District in 2009, and Bob joined the staff in 2010. One of out four adults in Santa Clara County do not have a high school diploma, and many struggle as English language learners. CACE has more than 100 classes in multiple locations, including high school credit recovery classes and a small collection of senior lifestyle classes. In particular, CACE tries to work with students — and their immigrant parents — to increase their literacy before they leave high school.