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Unsung Hero: Marj Bonsall

Taking a long-overdue opportunity to recognize one of our favorite Club Members, our club came together to honor Marj Bonsall as the 2010-11 “Unsung Hero” for the Rotary Club of Campbell.

District Governor Roger Hassler — assisted by Susan Klear — presented Marj with her honor and recounted her long track record of service to Rotary, to the community, and to the World.

The text of Sue’s presentation is included below: Continue reading Unsung Hero: Marj Bonsall

Community Treasure: West Valley College

Rotarians are so committed to our community that it becomes almost impossible to keep track of it all. To learn about one such treasure, we welcomed Lori Gaskin, president of the West Valley College, the closer campus of the West Valley Mission Community College District. Lori is also a member of the Saratoga Rotary Club.

Lori reviewed the three-tiers of higher education in California, the University of California’s 10 campuses, the 23 campuses in the California State University system, and the 112 Community Colleges across the state. The Mission for the Community Colleges is to provide transfer preparation, career and technical education, and foundation skills for students in California. 55% of CSU grads and 30% of UC grads began higher education in the Community College system.

West Valley College began instruction in 1964 at a location in Campbell. In June, WVC will be returning to Campbell with a satellite campus at the Campbell Community Center. The college also offers nearly 100 online courses.

Lori emphasized that the Community College enrolls the “Top 100%” of student, who include high schoolers graduating at the top of their class, the educationally disenfranchised, redirected applicants from UCs and CSUs, economically disadvantaged, single parents, returning veterans, students with no family support, and many with no English skills. WVC also runs a “Middle College” program for students who want to complete high school. The College bestows 800 degrees annually, and transfers 700 students each year to other colleges (the most transfer to UCLA).

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Rotary Newsletter Apr 26 2011

Rotary Sponsors ELC II

Today’s meeting featured presentations from two of the teams of high school students that participated in the Enterprise leadership Conference II, sponsored by Rotary Clubs form Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Saratoga, and Campbell.

Here are the Powerpoint presentations for your review:

Team_1_-_WilderMapps ELC 2011

Team_2_-_SavTech ELC 2011

Message from EHC LifeBuilders

Rotary Newsletter Apr 19 2001