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Rotary newsletter Mar 29 2011

The ‘Gift’ of Breast Cancer

Addressing a very important topic today, Janet Hebert presented her story of discovering, diagnosing, and surviving breast cancer 18 years ago.

For the past 15 years she has been speaking to audiences large and small on behalf of the American Cancer Society, helping raise awareness and inspire action for individuals and groups.

At our meeting, she recommended several tips for reducing the risk of developing breast cancer:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain consistent weight
  • Consume alcohol only moderately
  • Avoid hormone replacement therapy upon menopause

She also strongly recommended early detection!

  • Regular mammograms
  • Clinical breast exam
  • Breast self-exam

Janet specifically mentioned several things about self-exams, including the complete range of the body to examine (armpit to bra line to sternum) and the types of things to be looking for (including lumps, rashes, and ‘dimpling’). The best time to check is once-monthly, often in association with your period (it’s best to only check once a month).

She wrapped up by asserting that the discovery of her breast cancer was a gift that led to additional appreciation of friends and family, the natural world around her, and a love of life.

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Rotary Newsletter Mar 22 2011

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Rotary Newsletter Mar 15 2011

Antiques Advisor Steve Yvaska

After being associated with antiques and collectibles for 35 years, Steve Yvaska decided to begin his own business dedicated to helping people appreciate their personal belongings. Today, he shared his experience with our Club.

He presented the “Six Factors” that he says influence the price of a collectible, including supply and demand, the slippery impact of “age,” collection completeness and condition, the location of the antique, and the idea of “provenance” (who has owned it over time).

Steve writes a frequent column in the San Jose Mercury News on antiques and collectibles, under the byline the Seasoned Collector, and his mst recent column highlighted Oscar collectibles and other upcoming events across the South Bay.