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EMQFF Family Giving tree

Rotary Newsletter 30 Nov 2010

EMQFF Holiday Giving Tree

Once again we will be helping families in need have a brighter holiday. Darren from EMQ Families First has provided me with a list of wishes from some of their clients who will not be served by the Campbell Chamber of Commerce Community Toy program.

I will have our tree set up on Tuesday with gift tags for you to choose. Please bring your purchased gifts (wrapped or unwrapped is ok) to any of our meetings between now and December 13 … or drop off at the holiday party on December 5.

If you would prefer to provide a gift card so that a family can shop for food or other needs they would like Target Gift cards in $25 denominations.

Impact at Chamber Lunch

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Dinner & Dance Party (aka Theatre!)

Every Rotarian, Every Year

Rotary Newsletter Nov 16 2010

Kevin Nelson: Wheels of Change

Noted author, past guest, and friend of the Club, Kevin Nelson was reintroduced to our club today, and spoke about his latest book, Wheels of Change: From Zero to 600 M.p.h.: the Amazing Story of California and the Automobile (Amazon).

Kevin told stories that covered the history of cars in California, including the way that the San Francisco Earthquake, Yosemite Park, and women drivers have influenced society’s view of the automobile. As an “engine” of economic success and a “driver” of cultural evolution, the car has played an intricate role in the history of our state and our nation.

Wheels of Change: From Zero to 600 M.P.H., The Amazing Story of California and the Automobile, by Kevin Nelson, has won acclaim as one of the best car books of this or any year. It has been nominated for three writing prizes: the Cugnot Award, for the best historical car book of the year nationally and internationally; the Valentine Memorial Award, for the best California car book of 2010; and the Dean Batchelor Award for excellence in automotive journalism.

November is RI Foundation Month

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The Week in Photos

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