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Campbell Police Now use ‘PlateScan’

With technology playing an increasing role in our lives, Campbell Police Chief Greg Finch spoke to us today about the new “PlateScan” license plate technology now in use in Campbell.

The system checks a scanned license plate against a database of cars that are listed by Campbell and other police departments for safety concerns. Cars might be listed in the system because it has been reported stolen, may have been involved in a crime, or may be a habitual parking violator.

August Newsletter Update

Rotary Newsletter Aug 31 2010

The History of Moffett Field

Today we welcomed John Mascali, former naval aviator and commercial airline pilot (with Pan Am and then Delta), to discuss the evolution of Moffett Field in Sunnyvale.

John presented a History of Moffett Field, which began with the realization that the US Navy submarine fleet was under siege from German U-Boot and aerial Zeppelin fleet. In 1928, the US Government decided to build gigantic rigid airships, which were to be the first aircraft carriers ever in the US. The USS Acron and the USS Macon were built in Ohio, and the Macon would later be based at Moffett, and would call Hangar One home in April of 1933.

John shared some great stories and some incredible pictures, including many that are viewable from the Moffett Field Historical Society‘s photo archive.
The Macon was destroyed in an accident in 1935 off the coast of Big Sur.

In 1942, Naval Air Station Moffett Field was commission to patrol the West Coast of the United States with a new fleet of GoodYear Blimps, which were to be stationed in two new hangars to be built of concrete and wood. In turn, the blimps were decommissioned in 1945 after WWII. In the years following, Moffett became one of the largest jet fields on the West Coast. NASA began its operations at Moffett, and in 1958, the field was renamed a NASA Ames Research Center.

In 1995, the Navy decommissioned Moffett Naval Air Station, and the facility became a federal airbase under the ownership of NASA Ames. The Moffett Field Museum was also established during this time.

Rotary World Round-Up

Rotary Newsletter Aug 10 2010

Governor Hassler’s Visit Recapped

Rotary Newsletter Aug 3 2010