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Newsletter: Memorial Day Reminders

Rotary Newsletter Jun 1 2010

Nominations for “Ethics in Business” Award

President Rick has established an Ad Hoc committee to solicit and review nominees for the Campbell Rotary “Ethics in Business Award.” The business and or individual nominees will come from the Campbell business community.

The Committee would like to solicit nominees from the Club Members. Nominations should be forwarded to Jason Baker or Ann Height by June 15.

The committee will complete the validation process by July 19 in time for the Paul Harris Dinner, which will be rescheduled to August 21, 2010

The next Ethics Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 10, 2010, at 5:00 pm at EMQ, prior to our Club Assembly.

WWII Recollections from John Shirley

Today we heard from decorated World War II veteran John Shirley. John served in the 3rd Infantry Division of the US Army, winning a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, as well as being named to the French Legion of Honor. After the army, he became a veterinarian – not just a veteran! – and retired from his veterinary career in 1984.

After noting the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, John polled the club on their record of service, and uncovered four WWII veterans, and others who fought in the the Korean War.

John ran through the sheer numbers of soldiers, weapons, vehicles, and battleships built by the United States, which were used to supply both our troops and many of our allies. Our four Rotarians were among 16 million US Soldiers who fought during the conflict, thankfully avoiding becoming one of the 400,000 US fatalities.

John also relayed a personal story of his participation as a sergeant in “Operation Shingle” in the attempted liberation of Italy, staged at Anzio Beach near Rapido, Italy. Shirley’s division made it all the way to Rome, but ultimately, Allied failures to outflank the Axis powers in Italy resulted in a shifting of strategy to the beach at Normandy.

News: ‘Boogie on the Bayou’ Recap

Note: The actual date of the President’s Debunking has been changed to July 24.

Rotary Newsletter May 25 2010

Silicon Valley FACES

For today’s program, we heard from Pat Mitchell, Executive Director of Silicon Valley FACES. Joining Pat were development director Kathy Sheehy and board chair Carl Cooksin (also a Rotarian from San Jose).

SV FACES works with people of all ages to build a caring community free of bias and bigotry. Using educational programs and victim assistance, FACES reinforces tolerance and rebuilds trust across our neighborhoods.

Mitchel discussed many programs the agency offers, including educational activities for K-5, an annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. multimedia contest, high school curriculum on the evolution of the Holocaust, and an alternative leadership camp called Camp Everytown. After sharing their plans for avoiding conflict, Mitchell also discussed the victim/witness assistance resources that FACES coordinates for victims and witnesses of violent crime.

The Silicon Valley FACES organization has been serving the South Bay for more than 44 years, and was formerly known as the National Conference of Christians and Jews, as well as the SV Conference for Community and Justice.

In addition to the presentation, members received a copy of SV FACES’ 2008-09 Annual report.

Boogie on the Bayou this Weekend!

Rotary Newsletter May 18 2010

NorCal Innocence Project

Today’s speaker was introduced by veteran lawyer Bill Mahan, who finally allowed that the Law is not perfect.

On a serious note, our speaker today was Seth Flagsberg, talking about the Northern California chapter of the Innocence Project and its efforts to exonerate innocent people wrongly convicted of crimes they did not commit. Seth is the supervising lawyer for students in the program.

Founded at Santa Clara University in 2001, the Northern California Innocence Project embodies the University’s mission to create a more just and humane world through working to exonerate innocent prisoners and pursue legal reforms that address the causes and consequences of wrongful convictions.

More than 250 people have been exonerated across the country, including 20 people who were on death row. Since 2001, 10 innocent people have been cleared through the work of the Northern California chapter. In particular, the NCIP has had success overturning cases with newly discovered DNA evidence. On the other hand, incorrect eye-witness identification (cases which do not benefit from DNA exoneration) is still estimated to be the largest category of wrongful conviction.

New Generations: Avenues of Service

Rotary Newsletter May 11 2010

Celebrating Life in the ‘Black’

Rotary Newsletter May 4 2010

Welcome Dan Furtado

For this week’s meeting, club member (and City of Campbell Council Member) Jason Baker introduced City of Campbell Councilmember Dan Furtado. It’s De ja vu all over again, a la 2006.

After Jason reminded us of Dan’s impressive resume — and his having reached the term limit for the Campbell Counil — Furtado added a few historical details of the city, and then discussed the National League of Cities.

The NLC represents its member cities with policy support and resource development. Its member cities tend to be middle-sized cities (similar to Campbell), although some larger well-known cities are members. Among the advocacy issues is transportation, planning, energy efficiency, public safety, and economic stimulus.

In particular, the NLC — and the similar League of California Cities — also works to help cities maintain their funding sources in the face of challenges form the states that collect the funds. In California, the state has commonly siphoned money away from cities to fund other programs, leaving cities with budget troubles.