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The Year In Review, Part I

Newsletter Dec 15 2009

History of Paramedic Services

Rotarian Adam Beck — in addition to hosting Grass Valley Rotarian Bill Beck — introduced the man who helped teach him to be an EMT. Bryan is a program director at West Med College, an affiliate of National University.

He shared the history of EMS and Paramedic services, including the original evolution of ambulance, which were initially more concerned about delivering customers to funeral homes than to hospitals. Today, paramedics are much more concerned with trauma care and medical service, and are usually considered to be more medically experienced than EMT first-responders.

Retro Dome Comes Alive

Newsletter Dec 8 2009

Art Thrives at Montalvo

Newsletter Dec 1 2009

San Jose’s Retro Dome

Today we welcomed Shannon Guggenheim (and her husband Scott and daughter Allyson), owners and operators of the newly-opened Retro Dome, which replaced the old Century 25 theater in the Westgate Shopping Center.


Shannon gave us a virtual tour of the theater, including both the Red and the Blue rooms (the twin theaters) and previewed the shows they are planning for the next few seasons.

She also regaled us with a song from the current showing of Santastic, which is an original musical produced by Guggenheim Entertainment, their in-house production company