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Next Week: District 5170 Governor Harper

Don’t Forget: Next week’s speaker will be District 5170 governor
Loren Harper. It would be a great tribute to President Rick to have
a tremendous turnout for this annual visit. Board members are asked
to come to the pre-meeting with the Governor at 11:00 at the meeting room near our regular meeting place at EMQ.

Also, the marble draw is worth more than $800. Do you feel lucky? Do ya?

Walking & Backpacks (Separately)

Newsletter 82509

A U G U S T 2 5 , 2 0 0 9 CAMPBELL Rotary W W W . C A M P B E L L R O T A R Y. O R G CHARTERED FEB., 1948 z Youth Certi?cation Training z Arley Marley, Chairman of the ELC#2 Team, has set up a Youth Protection Certification class to be conducted during the Sunnyvale Star Rotary Club meeting on Sept. 3.The meeting will start promptly at 7:00 PM. at The LOOKOUT Restaurant at the Sunnyvale Municipal Golf Course 605 Macara Ave,Sunnyvale, CA 94085. Back-to-School Back Packs Today! The Second Annual “Packing of the Back Packs” will take place after this afternoon’s served by EMQ. After we hear from Campbell Chief of Police, Greg Finch, members will be asked to stay here at EMQ to organize and assemble the back packs for this year’s students. Relay for life results are in: meeting. Members David Keller, Janine Payton and Justin Toms went to Target over the weekend to shop for 150 back packs and assorted school supplies for students Walkers representing the Rotary Club of Campbell donated $1,102.00. The Campbell event, as a whole, raised $215,999.57 for the American Cancer Society. Sept. 3: Youth Certi?cation Training, 7:00 PM Sept. 11: Memorial Blood Drive Coming Events Sept. 13: Project with West Valley Community Services, 12:00 Noon Sept. 14: Dinner Service @ EHC, 4:30 Sept. 21: Board Meeting @ Hickory Pit, 5:30 PM Oct. 3: Child Advocate’s Picnic

Back-to-School Backpacks for EMQ

Backpacks for EMQ
Backpacks for EMQ
Backpacks for EMQ

Several Rotarians had a productive day shopping today, and we hope you have added next Tuesday on your schedule to help pack 150 School Backpacks for kids of EMQ.

After lunch and hearing from our speaker, Chief of Police Greg Finch, we will pack the bags and label for distribution. Should take about 30-45 minutes total!

Every Rotarian, Every Year

Newsletter Aug 18 2009

A U G U S T 1 8 , 2 0 0 9 CAMPBELL Rotary W W W . C A M P B E L L R O T A R Y. O R G CHARTERED FEB., 1948 z Every Rotarian, Every Year z We are happy to inform you that the next edition of the Every Rotarian, Every Year newsletter is now available on-line. The newsletter is your source for news about the monumental EREY effort uniting our international membership. It provides updates on the Annual Programs Fund, features on what Rotarians are doing to meet their club goals and stories illustrating how APF contributions enhance people’s lives. GM: America’s “New” Car Company Susan Keenehan, Zone Manager for Chevrolet gave an inspired presentation to the club on August 11. Beginning by thanking us all, as taxpayers, for the helpful loan to General Motors, Ms. Keenehan promised that GM will pay back “every penny” with interest. Then, looking to the future, she told us that GM is moving from a “gas friendly” company to a “gas-free” company over the next several years. Noting that GM has cut the number of it’s brands in half, and their “nameplates” or models from 50 to 34. Ms. Keenehan also noted that GM cars are making technological advances. The Cadillac CTS 2008 model, for example was Motor Trend’s “Car of the Year.” We also learned that GM is a global company with markets far beyond the U.S. Buick, for instance, is the number one selling automobile in China. The big news was the “greening” of the American Auto Industry. The Chevy Volt will launch in 2010 and is expected to work within a 40 mile range on absolutely no gas. For longer drives, a small engine will recharge it’s battery to help achieve 230 miles per gallon!! For more information log onto “Signature event” set for april 17! The Steering Committee has set April 17, 2010 as the date for our 1st Annual special event to raise money for local children and to help combat Polio around the world. Details will be worked out, but plans include a car show, music, food, dancing, and photos, all reminiscent of a high school prom! ??????????? Sept. 11: Memorial Blood Drive @ EMQ Sept. 13: Project with West Valley Community Services, 12:00 Noon Coming Events Sept. 14: Dinner Service @ EHC, 4:30

Club Assembly Sets Goal for Year

Newsletter Aug 04 2009

A U G U S T 4 , 2 0 0 9 CAMPBELL Rotary W W W . C A M P B E L L R O T A R Y. O R G CHARTERED FEB., 1948 Club Assembly Sets Goals for Year President Rick Davis presided over his ?rst Club Assembly of the year at Tuesday’s meeting. Each of the Committee Chairpersons present shared some of their plans for the coming year. Here are some highlights: Programs/Jerry Cummings: No assigned dates for members this year, but please make suggestions about speakers to Jerry. TRF/Bill Highley: Club goals for the year include: 100% of members as Double Sustainers, $12,500 in contributions to TRF; 5 new Paul Harris Fellows, $3,000 for Polio Plus. A Paul Harris Dinner will be planned for May. Social/Judy Armstrong: One big social next Spring, with several (monthly?) smaller, family-friendly events throughout the year. International Services/Ravi: We will continue working on our Digital Villages project, inviting other Area 8 clubs to join us; possibly a trip to India in January. Youth Service/Janine Payton: Continue to work with RYLA, the student speech contest and looking for things to help with at EMQ. Note: Day @ The A’s tickets proceeds go to support RYLA. Vocational Service/Sue Klear: Look for 5 minute talks from members about their businesses and to become more involved with schools and the community. Fundraising/Bill Ellington:Looking for new ideas for food to sell at Boogie on the Bayou, Octoberfest and Carol of Lights. Also, a signature event is in the works. Serving Meals Helps Servers, too Make plans to join us next Monday, August 10th at 4:30 at the James Boccardo Facility at the Emergency Housing Consortium’s campus on Little Orchard Dr., just North of Curtner Ave. near “The Plant” shopping center to serve dinner to over 100 people who are currently down on their luck. It will help them and make you feel great, too! Membership/Carol Middione: Focus on Recruitment and Retention with an eye to adding 6 or 7 new members this coming year. Public Relations/Dave Crowley: Will focus on our invited speakers as a tool to invite guests as well as gain publicity, and to get the word out about all of our special events. We Care/Kit Whitney: Will continue to remember members at their birthdays, and other special events as well as in times of ill health and sorrow. Community Service/Neil Jacobson: Looking forward to at least 2 hands-on local projects in Campbell. One in September, the other as part of Rotarians @ Work Day in the Spring. ??????????? Coming Events Aug. 10: Dinner Service @ EHC, 4:30 Aug. 15: Day at the A’s; Oakland Coliseum Aug. 17: Board Meeting, 5:30 @ Hickory Pit.