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The Year in Review: Onward and Upward

Newsletter June 30 2009

J U N E 3 0 , 2 0 0 9 CAMPBELL Rotary W W W . C A M P B E L L R O T A R Y. O R G CHARTERED FEB., 1948 z The Year in Review z Today’s pre-meeting slide show will attempt to highlight the past Rotary year here in Campbell with photos of our speakers, socials, and community service projects. Hope you enjoy it. Onward and Upward! “The trouble,” they say, “with learning from experience, is that the tests always come before the lessons!” For those of you who have had the opportunity to serve as a Rotary club president, this little bit of wisdom must really ring true. Nonetheless, I want to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this past Rotary year. If I had known a year ago what I’ve learned since then, the year might have been very different. One thing I would not have changed, however, is the good company and camaraderie that I have enjoyed each time we July 11, 12: Relay for Life @ Campbell Community Center July 13: Dinner Service @ EHC July 18: President’s Debunking, @ Mama Mia’s Signature Event planning Our long-awaited “signature event” is on the planning board and steps have been taken to make the dream a reality. At today’s meeting, members will be asked to ?ll out a survey regarding their interest and ability to help for the event. ??????????? come together here at EMQ or on location at a fund raiser, social or community service event. The other thing that “they” say, is “Rotary happens at the club level.” That is certainly true for the Rotary Club of Campbell. Although I will spell out in more detail our shared accomplishments at the debunking, I want to thank each and every one of you for your many contributions: ideas, efforts, work, time, money, food and friendship that continue to make our club a very special place to be. Thanks a million! July 6: Board Meeting, 5:30 @ Rick’s July 9: District Roast & Toast @ Saratoga Springs, 5:00 PM Coming Events

Meeting at JCC This Week

This week we will not be meeting at the EMQ as usual!

They need the room for a retirement function for their CEO. Instead we have been graciously invited to use the Jewish Community Center on Oka Road in Los Gatos. The JCC is located between Winchester Blvd. and Highway 17, just off of Lark Avenue in Los Gatos.

Same time: 12:15.

Our speaker will be David Ujita from the West Valley Community Services organization. Hope to see you there.

RI Convention in Birmingham (via Twitter)

Rotary International’s annual convention has kicked off in Birmingham, England (UK), and in a unique twist, the convention can be “followed” along on Twitter. Feel free to click around through this search box, following links to individual Rotarians at the event to articles about the activities:

If this Twitter thing sounds interesting to you, start here: @CampbellRotary.

Visioning Revisited, International Service

Newsletter June 16 2009

J U N E 1 6 , 2 0 0 9 CAMPBELL Rotary W W W . C A M P B E L L R O T A R Y. O R G CHARTERED FEB., 1948 z Next week’s meeting @ JCC z Please remember that next week’s meeting will be held at the Jewish Community Center at 14855 Oka Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032, located between Hiway 17 & Winchester just off Lark Ave. Same time: 12:15. We’ll be in the Adult Lounge. Check in at the front door. Vision Revisited, Part 2 Two weeks ago in this space we looked at our progress in the area of Club Avenue of Service, focussing mainly on the top notch speakers we have enjoyed this year. Another aspect of Club Service that was highlighted was the notion that “We care for each other.” Kit Whitney, and others, have made sure we have been successful in this endeavor. In the area of International Avenue of Service, we said, back in ’08 that we wanted to take part in the 1 Rotary laptop per child program for developing countries. Down July 9: District Roast & Toast @ Saratoga Springs, 5:00 PM July 11, 12: Relay for Life @ Campbell Community Center July 18: President’s Debunking, @ Mama Mia’s District Roast & Toast Club members are encouraged to attend the District 5170 annual Roast & Toast celebrating Governor Gary Citti’s year, and welcoming in Governor-elect Lore\n Harper. A great BBQ meal, lots of Rotary friends are sure to please. The event is at Saratoga Springs at 5:00 PM on Thursday, July 9. ??????????? the list a little ways was “Computerization of 1,000 villages in India.” Other top suggestions from the visioning session were: “Hands-on house building-Mexico,” and “Friendship Exchanges with a club from another country.” With the opportunity to move forward on the Indian Digital Villages project, we have taken all steps to complete the ?rst phase of that project. The new International Committee under President Rick will have the task of selecting a new project or revisiting one of the ones we came up with during the visioning exercise. June 18: RYLA BBQ @ Camp Campbell June 21: RI Convention in Birmingham, England Coming Events

Club Hosts Paul Harris Dinner

Newsletter June 9 2009

J U N E 9 , 2 0 0 9 CAMPBELL Rotary W W W . C A M P B E L L R O T A R Y. O R G CHARTERED FEB., 1948 z Relay for Life just a month away z There is still plenty of time to join the Campbell Rotary team taking part in the Campbell “Relay for Life”. If you are not able to do part of the walkathon, you can still sponsor one of our walkers. Stay tuned! Club Hosts Paul Harris Dinner Last Saturday night six members were recognized as Paul Harris Fellows at a dinner event held at Mama Mia’s on Hamilton Ave. Jason Baker, Dr. Susan Klear, Stephen Salmon, David Tripp (red badger), Bob Yager and Bill Ellington were honored for their milestone contributions to the Rotary Foundation. Special recognition was given to David Keller by the District 5170 TRF Chair, for David’s induction into the Paul Harris Society, which is reserved for Rotarians who commit to contributing $1,000 a year to the Rotary Foundation. July 9: District Roast & Toast @ Saratoga Springs July 11, 12: Relay for Life @ Campbell Community Center July 18: President’s Debunking, @ Mama Mia’s Signature event is born! Club members got a sneak peak at the plans for an upcoming FUNdraiser that will bring the music, food and style of the 1960’s to the City of Campbell. Mark your calendar for October 2009 for a great event to help raise money for polio eradication and local projects. Exact date and more details are still to be determined. ??????????? In addition, eight other people, all non-Rotarians, were awarded Certi?cates, medallions and pins signifying that they, too, are Paul Harris Fellows: Doris Davis, Jennifer Ellington, Ginny Miskulin, Geri Osborn, Neil and Noemia Reid, Pamela Shannon and Robb Whitney. The evening event was the brainchild of TRF Chairperson, Bill Highley who along with Marc Wagner, arranged for a delicious meal and great camaraderie. In all, more than thirty people came out to support this important Foundation event. June 18: RYLA BBQ @ Asilomar June 21: RI Convention in Birmingham, England Coming Events