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Boogie on the Bayou: Smaller Crowds

Newsletter May 19 2009

M A Y 1 9 , 2 0 0 9 CAMPBELL Rotary W W W . C A M P B E L L R O T A R Y. O R G z Paul Harris Dinner set for June 6 z Relay for Life! Today we will distribute sponsor envelopes and registration forms for the American Cancer Society’s Campbell Relay for Life. The Save the date for a special dinner event honoring our own Paul Harris awardees scheduled for Saturday, June 6. Our club is honored to have a high percentage of its members who have quali?ed for this great Rotary honor. Come enjoy the festivities! Smaller Crowds Boogie on the Bayou The crowds came back, endured the heat, enjoyed the music and ate up the corn and hot dogs at this past weekend’s Boogie on the Bayou. Well, that’s the story we were hoping to write, anyway. Nonetheless, the annual event, sponsored by the Campbell Chamber of Commerce, drew a crowd of festival goers eager to have some fun close to home. “Captain” Bill Ellington and his crew of hard working event will be held at the Campbell Community Center starting on July 11 and continue for 24 hours to the morning of July 12. Members are encouraged to join the team and gain some sponsors to help in the ?ght against cancer. ??????????? Rotarians did all they could to make sure the hot dogs, sausages, and fresh roasted corn were delicious and hot and the water and lemonade delicious and cold. The weather was hot, hot, hot, but sales were a little less so. Even so, our team of volunteers were able to make the sales that we needed to in order to make a pro?t on the weekend. Our club’s proceeds will be used to meet the needs of our projects in the coming year under President Rick Davis. June 1: Annual Board Dinner, 5:30 June 6: Paul Harris Dinner July 9: District Roast & Toast Coming Events July 11, 12: Relay for Life July 18: President’s Debunking, @ TBA

Volunteer Here or Abroad

Below is our latest edition of the Newsletter. For those of you who missed today, we hope all is well with you and yours. Next week, in keeping with our mission to have top quality guest speakers, Neil Reid will be introducing Santa Clara County District Attorney, Delores Carr. It would be another great opportunity to invite a prospective member.

Today’s speaker, Tabitha Kappeler-Hurley presented a great program that Santa Clara Unified School District provides for some of its middle and high school girls. GAINS, Girls Achieving In Non-traditional Subjects. GAINS exposes girls to successful professional women in careers in such fields as Engineering, construction, technology, and other fields traditionally populated by men. It was a great presentation about a very innovative and successful program.

Newsletter May 5 2009

M A Y 5 , 2 0 0 9 CAMPBELL Rotary W W W . C A M P B E L L R O T A R Y. O R G z Boogie on the bayou z A great Campbell community event is scheduled for the weekend of May 16-17. Our club will once again be selling “hot dogs, french fries, roasted corn.” Sign up with Bill Ellington for a work shift today! Volunteer here or abroad! Board Highlights Here are some actions taken by the Board last night: • Approved to provide bus transportation for Campbell Middle School science camp. • Established a “Rainy Day” Dues Fund to help members cover their dues in ?scal hard times. • Approved production of a display sign indicating our programs for our food booth. ??????????? Are you looking for an international project to support? Or maybe you’re interested in becoming an international volunteer. Through the Rotary Volunteers program, Rotarians and other skilled professionals further Rotary’s Avenue of Vocational Service by using their professional skills and experience to contribute to international humanitarian projects wherever help is needed. Volunteers with an extensive range of skills are invited to participate. All Rotarians can signi?cantly contribute at the club, district, or international level. See the volunteer form or the program handbook for guidelines. Ready to get involved? Register as a Rotary Volunteer by completing the International Volunteer Registration form. Once you submit the form, Rotary club and district of?cers in your area review your skills and experience. Endorsed volunteers will be included in the Rotary Volunteers database , regularly reviewed by Rotarians and independently sponsored projects. Developing a World Community Service (WCS) project is a great way to further Rotary’s Avenue of International Service. A WCS project is created when Rotary clubs from two or more countries unite to serve one of their communities. These collaborations help Rotary clubs undertake more ambitious projects that improve lives while fostering international fellowship and understanding. For more info: en/ServiceAndFellowship. May 4: Board Meeting, Hickory Pit, 5:30 PM May 11: Dinner Service @ EHC Coming Events May 13 : District Assembly @ SJ DoubleTree Hotel May 16, 17: “Boogie on the Bayou,” Downtown Campbell June 6: Paul Harris Dinner July 11, 12: Relay for Life