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Dr. Sue Cures Insomnia

Our own Rotarian Dr. Sue Klear was recently featured in a front-page article all across town! She was the front page feature on each of the Silicon Valley Community Newsgroup’s weekly residential publications. The story covers her business focus of Brain Music Therapy.

Nat’l Guard at Work Everywhere

Newsletter – Nov 18 2008

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N O V E M B E R 1 8 , 2 0 0 8 CAMPBELL Rotary W W W . C A M P B E L L R O T A R Y. O R G z Thanksgiving Fellowship z Next week’s meeting will be our annual Thanksgiving Fellowship meeting. There will be no speaker, but we will have the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and the company of our families and other special guests. National Guard at Work Everywhere The Season of Sharing Begins Today we will begin our season of sharing with our community by collecting funds for turkeys for the Sacred Heart Community Services. We will also contribute money for gift cards for the families of EMQ. Our “marble draw” is up to over $1,000 today!!! ????? Guests, Staff Sergeant Kevin Smith and Staff Sergeant Curtis Hayes, helped us celebrate Veterans’ Day by sharing highlights of the “National Guard: Past, Present and Future.” The National Guard, founded in 1636 is the oldest branch of the armed services in the U.S. The 356,000 men and women who make up the Guard serve in a wide variety of assignments. As the “State’s Army”, the National Guard serve citizens at home by ?ghting Dec. 1: Board Meeting @ Hickory Pitt, 5:30 PM Dec. 6: Holiday Party @ Rinconada Hills Club House Dec. 13: Carol of Lights, downtown ?res, helping victims of ?oods and maintaining order at home. But, also, the National Guard serves our country overseas in both combat and noncombat positions around the world. S/ Sgt. Smith explained, for example, that fewer than 10% of all armed forces currently in Iraq are serving in combat roles. The rest, including the vast majority of National Guard troops, serve in peacekeeping, security and construction roles. We also honored our Rotarians who have served their country with a standing ovation. Nov. 19: Campbell CofC Luncheon Nov. 27: Thanksgiving Day Coming Events

Veteran’s Day Observance

Newsletter – Nov 11 2008

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N O V E M B E R 1 1 , 2 0 0 8 CAMPBELL Rotary W W W . C A M P B E L L R O T A R Y. O R G z Veterans’ Day z November 11, originally called Armistice Day, commemorated the end of World War I. Later, Congress voted to change the holiday to “Veterans’ Day” when we honor all of our nations’ men and women who have served and who continue to serve this country. Today we honor all of our members who are veterans of the U.S. armed services. November is Rotary Foundation Month Served dinner to over 100 at the Emergency Housing Consortium last night. Provided jerseys to youth hockey team. Served “thousands” at Campbell’s October Fest. Enjoyed each other’s company at a “Fall Soiree.” So, Who Have We Helped Lately? ????? The Rotary Foundation (TRF) is the ?nancial engine that runs much of what we Rotarians do in our communities and around the world. Money donated to TRF comes back to local clubs in the form of matching and other grants for projects here in Campbell and around the world–Turkey, India, Latin America, Africa–anywhere where Rotarians seek to make the world a better place. Of course, the more money that an area contributes to TRF, the more money is made available to it for use on it’s projects. The basic idea is to have every Rotarian contribute $100 a year (Sustainer) to TRF. “Every Rotarian, Every Year” is the slogan used to encourage member participation. Our club has made it a goal to have every member contribute $200 a year (Double Sustainer) to TRF. There are other levels of support as well. So, whether we are helping to provide potable water to villages in Turkey, or bringing the internet to remote areas of India, or putting computers in front of students right here in Campbell, it is your generosity and the strength of TRF that make it all possible. Through TRF we really do “Make Dreams Real.” Nov. 27: Thanksgiving Day Coming Events Dec. 3: TRF Raf?e Dec. 6: Holiday Party @ Rinconada Hills Club House Dec. 13: Carol of Lights, downtown Dec. 1: Board Meeting @ Hickory Pitt, 5:30 PM

National Election Day

Newsletter – Nov 4 2008

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N O V E M B E R 4 , 2 0 0 8 CAMPBELL Rotary W W W . C A M P B E L L R O T A R Y. O R G z National Election Day z Remember to vote in today’s Presidential Election. Also at stake are 435 seats in the House of Representatives, 1/3 of U.S. Senate seats, and a wide variety of state and local of?ces and initiatives. Carl Guardino Returns to Campbell Carl Guardino, President and CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group (LG), spoke to our club in late October. He shared with us, in his usual eloquent manner, many of the LG’s initiatives as outlined in their “Clean and Green” program. He told us of the Energy Watch Partnership with PG&E whereby the utility company will do a free “energy audit” of homes and businesses and make recommendations to decrease the amount of energy used. PG&E also pays for up to 80% of the cost of recommended activities. Carl sited how Adobe and Cisco Systems have saved millions of dollars and enormous amounts of energy through this program. Carl explained the although population in Santa Clara County has increased by 30% since 1976, our water usage is at the same level as 32 years ago. Conservation is still a major source of saving this vital natural resource. Carl put in a low key pitch for passage of Proposition 1 on the State ballot and Measure B on Santa Clara County ballots which favor the creation and installation of high speed rail transportation and completing a BART loop into Santa Clara County. At last night’s Board meeting, the Board: Board Highlights -Agreed to allow members to support EMQ’s family gift cards for the holidays -Approved the reimbursable expense of $1000 for new Paul Harris Fellows via Krishnan Chari ????? Nov. 4: ELECTION DAY! Coming Events Nov. 8: STRS Training @ Bay 101 Nov. 10: Dinner Service @ EHC, 4:30 Dec. 6: Holiday Party @ Rinconada Club House Dec. 13: Carol of Lights, downtown Nov. 5: District Cabinet Meeting @ DoubleTree, 6:30 PM

Become a Double Sustainer Today!

Fellow Rotarians:

As a member of the Rotary Club of Campbell, I am asking you to join me in becoming a Double Sustainer and making a gift of $200 to support the important work of the Rotary Foundation. Your investment will help fund projects like Polio Plus (dedicated to the eradication of the Polio virus world wide), and life saving health and humanitarian projects all over the world. In addition, our club will be eligible to apply for District Designated Funds (matching grants) to support local project such as supporting technology infrastructure at Rosemary School.

Help our club meet its fundraising goal of $12,000 by making your donation this week! You may “hand deliver” your check to one of our club’s committee members at our next meeting. Please make your check payable to The Rotary Foundation.

Your membership in our club shows that you value service that helps to improve the lives of people worldwide. Thank you in advance for making a difference in the lives of underserved populations worldwide.


Your Club Foundation Committee,

Bettina Kohlbrenner — Bill Mahan — Bob Yager
Marc Wagner — Kathy Williamson — Bill Highley