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Pierluigi Oliverio Discusses Every Topic

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CAMPBELL-SAN JOSE WEST ROTARY? FEBRUARY 26, 2008 NEWSLETTER No Newsletter Next Week Your intrepid editor is on a brief vacation and will be unable to produce a club newsletter for March 4th. Have no fear, you will have many interesting young people to listen to at the Area 8 Student Speech Contest. If anyone takes photos of our RYLA guest or of the student speakers, please email them to for inclusion in the March 11th edition of the Newsletter. San Jose City Councilperson, Pierluigi Oliverio, shown here without his “Abe Lincoln” beard, gave a very informative presentation to our club last Tuesday. Mr. Oliverio shared that his main areas of focus have been “Neighborhoods of Distinction”, Tra?c calming e?orts, and Park maintenance. He seeks to help the average taxpaying residents of San Jose. He challenged our members to come to a meeting and to address the council on matters as residents of San Jose rather than as members of various interest groups that usually present ideas to city o?cials. ? Mr. Oliverio responded to many questions from members on a variety of subjects from street repairs, to the controversy over naming of the “Saigon Business District”, to the in?uence of labor unions on city o?cials, to long term planning for development. The Councilman, representing District 6, said he is in favor of “in ?ll” development rather than branching out into the Coyote Valley. ? COMING EVENTS Mar 4: Area Speech Contest @ EMQ Mar 7-9: PETS @ SJ DoubleTree Apr 11-13: District Conference @ SJ DoubleTree —————Contest: Name this Newsletter and win a prize! Submit suggestions to the email above. Apr 21: District Golf Tournament Jun 15-18: RI Conference, Los Angeles Jun 15-20: RYLA @ Camp Campbell ? PAGE 1

Pierluigi Oliverio, SJ City Council

Following in the great tradition of local politicians speaking to our Rotary Club, Pierluigi Oliverio was today’s guest, as introduced by David Keller and his daughters.

Councilmember Oliverio represents San Jose’s Sixth District, and is in the first year of his term. He presented his perspective on several local issues, including neighborhood preservation, community business districts, constituent service, and the City’s structural deficit — he also displayed his “protest beard,” shaved in the style of Abraham Lincoln, in honor of Presidents Day.

In addition to bringing some technology sector experience to the council, Oliverio has been a school teacher and a long-time resident of the Willow Glen neighborhood. He also writes a weekly blog column for SanJoseInside.

Janine Payton in Louisiana …

Janine Payton and her son Eddie have joined with other families (40 people in total) from the Campbell United Methodist Church to participate in home reconstruction for victims of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. She’s in Dulac, Louisiana, through the end of the week.

Different members of the delegation are blogging about their experiences in a regular basis. Keep up with the CUMC group at

Burgard Appointed to State Boards

We may not be seeing a lot of Jim Burgard for a while …

Jim has been kind of busy recently … serving on and being appointed to civil and public boards for the State of California. Word has come from Sacramento that Jim is now serving on the California Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors and the California Department of Consumer Affairs Board of Pharmacy.

His appointment to the Professional Engineers board is so recent that his name has yet to appear on the official list of board members. As for the Board of Pharmacy, his name is prominently included, but his biography inexplicably fails to mention Rotary.

Dr. Sue’s Brain Music Therapy

Hey, check it out! … Our own Dr. Sue is famous!

San Jose’s local television station, KNTV NBC11, recently featured a story about Dr. Susan Klear’s “Brain Music Therapy” as demonstrated by one of her clients. You can read the story and surf to the video from Sue’s website,!