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2006-07 Philanthropy Report

As our last order of business for the 2006-2007 Rotary year, the board of directors approved the final philanthropy plan for the year.

We had a great year, contributing nearly $29,000 in total.

However, we were not able to accept any club member nominations for additional club giving because our fundraising efforts did not generate enough for this purpose.

Let’s use this as motivation to focus our fundraising efforts and work towards a bigger goal for 2007-2008. Thank you to everyone for a great year!

No Meeting July 3

As his first order of business, incoming President Jerry Cummings has declared that RotaryCSJw will not meet on Tuesday, July 3, in honor of his presidential excellence. He also thought maybe you’d be out of town for Independence Day, too.

Please join us for the first meeting of Jerry’s 2007-08 Presidency on Tuesday, July 10!

The proposed meeting schedule for the entire year is available online (in PDF).

Breathe California of the Bay Area

Today’s speaker was SJSU Environmental Science Professor Terry Trumbull, speaking on behalf of Breathe California, the local organization providing health services and support for air quality across the Bay Area.

In addition to highlighting the challenges of regulating the growing number of chemicals and other pollutants used around the globe, Prof. Trumbull also discussed political issues and other perspectives on the health of our lungs.

In 2006, our local agency, most recently known as the American Lung Association of Santa Clara-San Benito Counties, announced it is ending its affiliation with the national American Lung Association and the American Lung Association of California and changing its name to Breathe California.

Annual Blood Drive …

Save the Date! … RotaryCSJw’s annual “Remember September 11″ Blood Drive, in cooperation with EMQ and the local chapter of the American Red Cross, is scheduled for Friday, September 14, 2007. Mark your calendars!

If you are a “frequent donor,” please note that July 19 is the cut-off date for previous donations that might exclude you from donating. If you plan on donating on Sept. 14, don’t donate after July 19!

Come to Derek’s Debunking

It was touch and go there for a moment …. would Derek get to leave the Presidency or not … But the answer is “Yes!” …

Join us for the celebration on Saturday, July 14, 12:00 noon at Maggiano’s in Santana Row.

Lunch is gently priced at $35.00 per person, with a great menu … Continue reading Come to Derek’s Debunking

The Climate Project in San Jose

Today we heard from Jill Cody, former director of Keep San Jose Beautiful. Jill presented an abbreviated version of the recent documentary message from Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming.

Drawing on material from The Climate Project’s website, Jill showed us the undeniable relationship between carbon dioxide production and global warming.

It’s “not a political issue … It’s a moral and ethical issue.” Three factors complicate the challenges facing Earth:

  • Population growth that is skyrocketing in early 21st Century
  • Scientific advances that have extended lifespans, increased the impact on the environment, yet haven’t always caught-up with modern science.
  • Our way of thinking, which also has not completely accepted the obvious correlation explained in many peer-reviewed scientific studies.

In collaboration with the City of San Jose’s environmental services department, Cody produced a list of action steps you can take:

Answer the Call — Be Part of the Solution to Global Warming

Carbon dioxide (CO2 ) is a greenhouse gas emitted as a result of fossil fuel use. It is the
main contributor to global warming. You can help to signifi cantly reduce the amount of
CO2 we release into the atmosphere by making small changes in your daily life and by
inspiring others to do the same.

Available in PDF: Answer the Call — Be Part of the Solution to Global Warming

Microcredit from Lending Promise

RotaryCSJw red-badger Janine Payton presented her first luncheon program, inviting Meg North Taylor to share her experiences as the founder of Lending Promise.

Mothers Lead Their Lives
Children Live Their Dreams

Through her non-profit organization, Taylor provides micro loans (microcredit of $50-$150 per borrower) and coordinates support services for low income women in poor countries. Her efforts focused in Nepal will fund 100 such loans next year.