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‘President Jerry’ Has A Nice Ring …

Please extend a special congratulations and welcome to our newly-appointed President-elect (with one month to go until his term starts) … Jerry Cummings!

Jerry has graciously agreed to serve RotaryCSJw in its hour of need. A nominating committee of past presidents surveyed Jerry’s willingness, and the official coronation should take place shortly. Out of respect for the suddenness of Jerry’s ascension, all past presidents will be asking all club members to take on additional responsibilities during the year.

Thank you, Jerry!

Combined Meeting with WG

The Willow Glen Rotary Club has graciously invited our Club and the Almaden Valley Rotary Club to join together for a special meeting on Thursday, May 31. Our special guest will be Congressman Mike Honda.

We will be dark on Tuesday, May 29 … Our regular meeting for the week (with the expectation of everyone attendance) will be the May 31 meeting at the Three Flames Banquet Center (near Meridian & Hamilton).

No Meeting on May 29

We’re DARK on Tuesday, May 29 …

But we’d love to see you on Thursday, May 31, when we join forces with the Willow Glen and Almaden Valley clubs to hear from Mike Honda …

Travel & Hospitality Foundation

CSJw Rotarian Ravi Chari was our speaker today, presenting stories and perspective from rural portions of India. In addition to sharing pictures and some history, Ravi also introduced his concept for a travel-based fellowship that would support charitable work outside of the traditional funding models.

By channeling world travelers into home-stay experiences, Ravi sees the money saved by such accommodations being redirected to a foundation to benefit the host community. A “chain link” effect would also follow, encouraging local cooperation and concern within developing countries and across the world.

Moreland Renaissance Faire

Moreland Middle School is having a Renaissance Faire for the 7th grade class (all 400 of them) to cap off a year of studying this part of history. It is a living history day with many activities, some of them sponsored by RotaryCSJw (in the form of our D5170 Community Opportunity Grant — COG).

The school is in need of help setting up this Thursday, May 24. If you are interested in coming in costume on Friday, we would love to have you help out with the activities and workshops throughout the day.

The Faire will be held at Moreland Woods: 4835 Doyle Road in West San Jose. We will be setting up on Thursday from 8:00 am to at least 4:00 pm.

The Faire itself runs on Friday from 7:45 am to 2:45 pm. The last hour will be the live jousters (on horseback)! For more information — or to sign-up to help — contact Janine Payton.