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Speech Contest Winners

We hosted our annual RotaryCSJw High School Speech Contest on February 27, with six competitors from local high schools. We also welcomed superintendent Rhonda Farber, several school principals, a few speech and debate teachers, and at least one proud parent.

Leah Karlins, a senior from Branham High School finished in first place, with Del Mar HS junior Anna Myers in second place. We also heard speeches from Prospect senior Azra Crnogorcevis, Leigh junior Tony Santana Jr., Branham senior Ali Mozayan, and Westmont junior Katie Johnson.

UPDATE: The Area 8 Speech Contest will be hosted at the regular luncheon meeting of the Rotary Club of Cupertino on Wednesday, March 21. For more information, contact Sue Klear.

EMQ “Family Finding”

UPDATED (Mar 25): EMQ found another speaker! “Family Finding” is back on the calendar for this week … March 27!

UPDATED (Mar 21): Unfortunately, our speaker has had to reschedule. We will announce if this topic returns for another luncheon …

Our club’s relationship with EMQ Children & Family Services (our luncheon hosts) continues to grow. On March 27, Bettina Kohlbrenner will introduce EMQ’s Lisa Wilson to talk about Family Finding:

They’ve been called some of the loneliest people on earth: children who were taken away from their parents due to neglect or abuse, but were never adopted by new families. Stranded in the child welfare system, they move from foster homes to group homes. There are tens of thousands of these children. They have no one – not a single relative to visit on Christmas or their birthday.â€?

Correspondent Lesley Stahl of CBS’s 60 Minutes reports on Dec. 17, 2006, “there are now several cities across the country that are trying something new. It’s called “family finding.” The goal is to track down the families these children were taken away from in the first place to see if they can go home again.â€? EMQ, along with Catholic Community Services in Washington have been working closely together over the last 3 years pioneering this new program — which is quickly revolutionizing the child welfare system.

Rotarians Rotate M.C. Escher

As a last-minute treat, the Tanenbaum Family shared their passion and support of the San Jose Museum of Art with the Club, highlighting current exhibits and future projects.

Through April 22, the Museum is hosting “Rhythm of Illusion,” an exhibit of works by M.C. Escher. This exhibition explores the graphic art of Maurits Cornelius Escher, the mid-20th century Dutch master recognized as a predecessor of “optical art.”

Club members took particular delight in the fancy brochure for the exhibit, which featured a reproduction of his 1953 work, Relativity. The work of art took on extra significance when someone mentioned you could rotate the brochure to see it from a different angle. In that spirit, our website offers the same service … sort of.

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USS Hornet Museum

Today, a bit of history: Neil Reid introduced Tom Federico, a former naval aviator and current volunteer docent for the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier museum in Alameda.

Tom shared the history of The USS Hornet, including a brief review of the eight vessels christened with the name, including the very first commissioned vessel of the Continental Navy in 1775.

Club Social to UnWINEd

Unfortunately, this month’s club social has been cancelled

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