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New Member Breakfast

Bob Yeager is hosting one of his traditional Membership Breakfasts next week … scheduled for 8:00 am Tuesday Morning, February 6, at Mimi’s Cafe, across from Westgate Mall.

Not only would this be a great chance to help indoctrinate Janine Payton, our newest member, but also you get to enjoy a free breakfast.

Even potential new members are welcome! If you’ve been bringing a guest — or considering bringing a guest — this breakfast would be a great way to start their ascension into Rotary.

Methamphetamine Awareness

Today’s meeting featured a sobering but tremendously important presentation on methamphetamine abuse, and the tragedies brought about by this harmful and addicting drug.

David Robles, president of the Rotary Club of Santa Cruz, introduced us to the dangers of Meth abuse, including its addictive power, its impact on brain function, and its financial toll on the nation. He also shared the personal devestation experienced by his family.

His entire presentation is available online from his club’s outreach website:

David also recommended a recent production of Frontline on PBS: “The Meth Epidemic

Rotary Families Love the Bowling

Hey, we had a really great time at the RotaryCSJw Bowling Party last weekend. If you didn’t go, you missed a great family activity at a fun location. We’ve posted a few of the pictures we took at the party, so you can see what you missed! Continue reading Rotary Families Love the Bowling

TRF Giving Exceeds 2005-06

$10, 270 …. and still counting!

So far in the 2006-07 year, RotaryCJSw members have already contributed more to The Rotary Foundation than we did all of last year. The growth is tremendous. Congratulations to everyone involved! … now we work toward 100% involvement!

Neil Mammen & “Agent X”

Kit Whitney continued her streak of interesting speakers with provoking intellectual perspectives by introducing Neil Mammen to our club today.

Neil presented a rationale for believing in a “freewill non mechanistic extra-dimensional first cause” for the known Universe, and presented ideas related to the Singularity, Hyperspace, multiple universes and Big Bang Cosmology. In addition to speaking to us, Neil’s full presentation is also available online:

Who is Agent X? — Where did God come from?

Abstract: This paper attempts to show that it has always been an accepted scientific and philosophical fact that “everything that has begun to exist needs a first cause.� It then goes on to show that the Universe began to exist and thus needs a first cause. It shows that not accepting the need for a first cause is illogical, unscientific and actually requires a certain amount of blind faith. In other words it takes faith to be an atheist.

Once it has established the need for a first cause, it then goes on to show how that the first cause cannot be a non-mechanistic agent. It then quantifies the first cause using the characteristics that can be derived from the causation of the universe. The reader may find the conclusion interesting. And finally it concludes by answering the age old question: “Where did God come from?â€? … complete presentation in PDF.