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Welcome, Janine Payton!

Campbell community member Janine Payton joined our club this month, becoming the first new red badge member of 2006-07!

Janine is incredibly active in her community and family! She is the president of the Moreland Educational Foundation, participates with the local arm of the United Methodist Women, and runs a stamping business. She also is the primary at-home-parent for her two children.

Introduce yourself, and get to know her better! Her sponsor is officially David Keller, but the whole club is invited to participate in her orientation process!

Noel Murphy: Let’s get to 50!

As a motivational jumpstart to our goal of having 50 Members in our club, Derek Fujikawa introduced Noel Murphy, a return visitor who also offers business and personal coaching consulting. Noel inspired and challenged us to think how each of us can make a difference in our membership drive!

Future Rotary President due in April

Congratulations to 2006-07 Club President Derek Fujikawa and his wife Mari!

Derek announced this week that the family (including future big-brother Colin) plans to welcome their second child into the world in April 2007!

The exact due date is April 16, so get your tax extensions filed just in case!

Total Giving for TRF

Bill Highley has announced our Club’s official “pre-Raffle” donations to the Rotary Foundation (TRF). RotaryCSJw Rotarians have donated in excess of $9,670, nearly exceeding last year’s total and two-thirds of the way to our projected goal.

Holiday Party Pictures

PC020020 Special thanks to all RotaryCSJw members who attended the annual Holiday Party, version 2006!

Thanks to the tremendous organizing abilities of Kit Whitney, this event was another in a long line of fun and successful social events. Kit also extends her thanks to Gary Arita and Ravi Chari for setting up all of the tables, and to Patty & Jerry Cummings for hosting the party at Rinconada Hills.

We’d also like to applaud Marj Bonsall, who cut most of that spiral-cut ham with a plastic knife supplied to her by Rick Davis. To see all of the pictures, check out our online photo album.