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… Now With Pictures!

Our website now has the ability to share pictures taken by Rotarians and other people connected with the Rotary Club of Campbell & San Jose West. Here’s how you can join in the fun.

Solar Cooking Update

Rotarian Ed Krumwiede (RC of Rocklin/Loomis BasinDistrict 5180) provided an update of his earlier program about solar cooking (December 20, 2005), and shared his experiences introducing solar cooking to Rotarians in South Africa.

‘Cold Cases’ with Karen Sinunu

At today’s meeting, supervising attorney from the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office — and 2006 candidate for DA — Karen Sinunu presented a review of cold cases from Santa Clara County.

“Cold Cases” are investigations where police have investigated all leads, but have not solved the crime. These cases often become prioritized below current cases with active leads. Primarily, Karen provided updates on the Rick Walker wrongful conviction case, the Jeannine Harms disappearance, and another case involving a murder-theft. In each case, new technologies and solid police work resulted in new suspects being identified and charged.

Abuse Prevention Training

In order to assure that Rotary programs continue to deliver outstanding experiences for everyone involved, Rotary International and District 5170 have implemented a new Abuse Prevention policy, which includes mandatory training for members of clubs involved in Youth Service.

A few Rotarians from our club have already attended the training, but we wuld like to have more members participate in this valuable exercise. The next training will be on October 19, as part of the District 5170 Avenue of Service event in Hayward. Please mark your calendars to attend the entire event, including this training.

Rotary Trip to China

In May 2006, Rotarians representing several clubs from District 5170 participated in a travel program to China to review projects completed in collaboration with the Shin Shin Foundation. Sue Klear and Cecelia Babkirk represented our Rotary Club on the trip, which was organized by the Rotary Club of Cupertino. Our 2005-06 “District Designated Funds” were combined with a substantial grant from Cupertino Rotary.

Sue & Cecelia shared their experiences in today’s program, telling us about China, focusing on the region and the children that we helped with our funding. Among other achievements, Rotarians funded 12 school renovations, 400 wheelchairs, and new educational software.

Review the Presentation online (huge download alert … PDF – 24MB)

New NewsPaper: West San Jose Resident

At today’s meeting, we welcomed special guest Lisa Sibley, the brand new editor of the brand new West San Jose Resident, the newest weekly newspaper from Silicon Valley Community Newspapers, publishers of the Campbell Reporter and the Willow Glen Resident, among others.

Lisa reminded us that their paper is committed to deliverying local news to their readers, and she is excited to be helping bring a local news connection to a new community. She also welcomes our input for stories and ideas. Be on the lookout for her paper’s coverage of the recent Rotary Club trip to China, which included our own Cecelia Babkirk and Sue Klear.

Ruth Kohan Closes One Library

The SJ Mercury News celebrated the closing of the Willow Glen Library today, featuring a fine picture and interview with our own Ruth Kohan:

“So many people have positive feelings about this building,” said Kohan, the branch’s manager.

The Willow Glen Library is one of 14 branches to be expanded through a $212 million bond project approved by voters in 2000. It will be at least 18 months before the new library is built, with customers in the meantime using other branches or the main downtown King Library. (Check out www. or call (408) 808-2100.)

You can read the whole story online, but the picture was only available in the printed edition.

Of course, Ruth still manages the SJ Library’s West Valley Branch, and you are welcome to visit her there anytime!

Philanthropy Planning Sessions

This week we are having our very own Cecelia Babkirk and Sue Klear give a presentation on their trip to China. It should be a very interesting and informative program, so feel free to bring a guest!

Also at the next meeting, I would like to get some table discussions going for ideas on charitable giving. I want each table to have a brainstorming session and produce a list of potential charitable organizations/causes to which we can allocate our funds. This list will drive our fundraising efforts for the year. I plan on starting the meeting at 12:30 again this week so that we can have about 10 minutes for the table discussions. Thank you for helping out with this.

Take care and see you next week!

August Wine Tasting

Join your friends in Rotary for our August Social Event:

Wine Tasting
Thursday, August 31 @ 7:00 PM
The Grapevine of Willow Glen
1389 Lincoln Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125 (map)

Price: $20-30 per person … depending upon what you eat and drink

Please RSVP to Gary Arita

Women Leading Change

Women are making a big difference in Rotary … and in lots of other places, too!

In this week’s meeting, Judy Armstrong told us about her first involvement as a donor for the United Way of Silicon Valley, and how she met today’s speaker, Susan Kokores.

Susan then told us about UWSV’s Women Leading Change program, which is helping to provide 50 single women with a life-changing experience of financial management and asset accumulation. The United Way has determined that 45% of single women in our community fall below a “self-sufficiency standard” of a $36/hour salary. Inspired by its female donors, the United Way is working to build financial literacy and success for more single women.