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Rotary Grants Available

In September 2005, the Board of Directors for our Rotary Club established a “Strategic Fundraising Plan,� created with significant input from club members. As part of that plan, we set aside at least $1000 to be distributed in June 2006 in response to specific requests from club members.

If you would like to request an award for a person or group, please complete this application, and submit it to the Club President before Tuesday, June 13. Please complete the entire form, even if you think we already have this information. Awards will not be considered without this nomination form.

June 6: Meet at Saratoga Retirement Community

We will not meet at EMQ next week! … We have a Special Field Trip instead … Our luncheon will be held at the Saratoga Retirement Community on Tuesday, June 6, 12:15 – 1:30 (normal time, different place):

Saratoga Retirement Community
14500 Fruitvale Avenue (directions/map)
Saratoga, CA 95070

Spouses welcome. Our usual $10 lunch price applies.

Please arrive by 11:45 am, and park in the first parking lot. A shuttle bus will take us up to the Manor (1000) Building. We will be greeted and shown to the Rebekah Dining Room.

Lunch will include a cheese and crackers appetizer, followed by an elegant salad as the main dish, and dessert.

Gordon Russell: 3 Venture Stories

Rotarian John Shannon intoduced his friend Gordon Russell, a retired general partner of Sequoia Capital, one of the valley’s best-known venture capital funds.

Mr. Russell shared three “venture stories,” each one interesting in its own right. He told us of the speed with which he drew together his VC partners in 1989 to support what is now Cisco Systems. He also discussed the Ravenswood Family Health Center, which he supports as a donor and board member. And he finished with the story of his ownership in the NHL’s San Jose Sharks.

CUSD Thanks Rotary

In late May, RotaryCSJw was awarded a certificate of appreciation from the Campbell Union School District. Our Rotary Club (and several individual Rotarians) support programs across the district, including Science Camp for sixth graders at Campbell Middle School and the volunteer reading program for kids at Rosemary School.

Bill Highley accepted the award on behalf of our Club at the District’s annual community celebration.

Rotary in Beijing, China

Cecelia Babkirk and Sue Klear returned triumphantly from China this week, full of stories and opportunities for Rotary collaborations across the country.

Among many other fantastic experiences, Sue and Cecelia participated in the charter ceremony for the provisional Rotary Club of Beijing, and brought back this souvenir banner.

We look forward to a full-scale program based on their experiences, and we also expect to discuss funding and program opportunities in the coming few months. if you have any questions about their trip, ask them!

SETI Search for Intelligent Life

Marv Bamburg introduced Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the SETI Institute, a private, nonprofit organization established to explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe.

His Question: “Are we Alone?” — His Answer: “No.”

In a staggering and entertaining speech, Dr. Shostak reviewed the likelihood of life existing outside of Earth, based mainly on the incredible vastness of the universe. The sheer quantity of stars and viable planets is statistically amazing. Of course, the same apoplication of science and technology suggests that any intellkigent life we do locate will be tremendously advanced compared to our.

Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley

Taking a brief rest from her ever-present love of trash, member Ann Lauzon introduced Trudi Burns, from the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley. She discussed the natural (and tragic) consequences of habitat depletion by urban expansion, and presented a ferw statistics from WCSV: In 2005, the center treated 5500 sick, injured, or orphaned animals, including a few victims of “over rescue.” She also provided a case study of hummingbirds, complete with an overview of their bilogy and evolution.

Dr. L.B. Singh: India Dist 3250

In a special segment of this week’s meeting, we welcomed Dr. L.B. Singh, Dist Governor Designate (2008-09) for District 3250. In addition to sharing a compelling update on Polio Eradication in India, Dr. Singh also brought a message of friendship and greeting from his Rotary Club of Patna.

Boogie on the Bayou: May 20-21

Downtown Cambell’s Boogie on the Bayou is May 20-21, sponsored by the Campbell Chamber of Commerce. We will participating with our food booth, selling roasted corn and other tasty items.

If you are in the club, sign-up to help with Bill Ellington. If you are at the festival, stop by and buy some corn! All proceeds benefit our community service projects!

Updated May 23: Although final calculations are a few days away, the Club raised a bit more than $1000 at the event. Unfortunately, the rain and cool weather on Sunday put a big dent in our profit.

Parking at EMQ

While we love having our meetings at the worldwide headquarters of EMQ, its convenient residential location does present some challenges.

When coming to EMQ, please try to park in the back of the facility, where parking is almost always available. If you must park on the street, please choose a curb spot on the same side of the street as EMQ. As a good neighbor, EMQ staff and visitors should try to avoid parking directly in front of private residences. Thank you for your help!