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Pastor Galen Call

Kit Whitney happily provoked excellent discussion and an intellectual debate among Rotarians by introducing her pastor, Galen Call. Pastor Call is the senior pastor at Los Gatos Christian Church, and presented his philosophy on the relationship between faith and science. The topics of religious inclusion, scientific method, evolution, and intelligent design were only the beginning of an incredibly deep conversation with our club.

Global Warming

Marc Wagner introduced Stan Van Velsor from the local Loma Prieta chapter of the Sierra Club. Stan discussed his efforts on behalf of the Global Warming and Energy Committee.

Beginning with the assertion that today’s children and many future generations will bear the brunt of problems associated with global warming, Stan went on to present scientific data that explains the impact of increase CO2 emissions in our environment. The United States is far-and-away the largest contributor to environmental CO2 emissions, with no end in site.

Vince Otoupal – SJSU Athletics

One year after we heard Tom Bowen‘s 100-day plan for inspiring sucess within the Athletic Department at San Jose State University, we heard from associate AD Vince Otoupal.

Vince updated us on recent developments in SJSU athletics, including graduation rates for coaches and athletes by sport. As Spring Drills begin next week, the football team — under the leadership of second-year coach Dick Tomey — hopes to field a competitive team this Fall and beyond.

Vince also drew strong correlations between SJSU’s athletic teams and the important work of Rotary. MOre than once, he expressed confidence that athletic programs must produce strong athletes, sucessful people, and even future Rotarians.

Greetings from RI Zone 6

Ravi Chari’s brother Krishnan attended today’s meeting, bringing good tidings and important information about international partnerships. Krishnan “Chari” Chari is a Past District Governor from RI District 3230 and is the 2005-08 Regional TRF Coordinator for Zone 6 (southeast Asia).

Chari described several critical programs funded by The Rotary Foundation that have increased economic self-sufficiency across southeast Asia. He thanked our club for our outstanding increases in TRF giving this year, and detailed a possible DDF-based International Grant that could result in funding a new library for Rosemary School, among other interesting synergies.

2005 Paul Harris Fellows

The Rotary Club of Campbell – San Jose West honored three people with their Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) medallion and sapphire pins at today’s meeting.

Krishnan Chari presented his brother Ravi Chari with a PHF medallion, an honor bestowed as a result of a charitable donation made by Krishnan to The Rotary Foundation.

Herb Richards, long-time member of the original Rotary Club of San Jose West, was introduced by Jerry Cummings, and honored for additional giving beyond his first PHF.
In turn, Jerry Cummings was presented with a sapphire pin acknowledging his own history of generously supporting The Rotary Foundation.

Rick Davis Doles Out Blue Badges

The Club presented Ravi Chari and Neil Jacobson with their official “Blue Badges” today, in recognition of the completion of the “red badge” orientation activities by both of them.

They were both introduced to Rotary by Rick Davis, who also gets credit for officially recruiting the most new members this year. Thank you, Rick!

World Water Day … March 22

—–Original Message—–

From: MacLaren, Jeanne – DH
Sent: Monday, March 13, 2006 9:47 AM
Subject: Rotary and World Water Day: 22 March 2006

Dear Rotarians:

On Wednesday, 22 March — observed internationally as “World Water Day” — the Starbucks Corporation will work in cooperation with Rotary clubs in an effort to raise awareness of the world’s shortage of clean, safe drinking water.

1.1 billion people (20% of the world’s population) currently lack access to safe water. To help draw attention to this global crisis, Starbucks is sponsoring Walks for Water on World Water Day 2006. Walks have been planned for eleven major cities in the U.S.: Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Hartford, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC.

To help make World Water Day 2006 a success, and to demonstrate Rotary’s commitment to addressing this important issue, please encourage Rotarians in your club to visit the World Water Day Web site ( to learn how to participate in the Walks for Water. For individuals who do not live near a Walk for Water location but would like to show their support, the site offers “virtual walks” and other opportunities to help spread awareness of water issues.

On behalf of the 2005-06 Water, Health and Hunger Task Force , thank you for helping to promote and strengthen Rotary’s presence in the global safe water effort.

Yours in Rotary,

Jeanne Jeanne MacLaren
District Water, Health & Hunger Coordinator
District 5170, Rotary International

ROTY: Neil Reid

ROTY: “Rotarian of the Year”

Neil Reid has been named the 2005 “Campbell Rotarian of the Year,” in appreciate for his efforts tutoring and reading to children at Rosemary School. In addition, Neil has recruited other Rotarians to join the volunteer readers corps, and he is working with the Club Service Committee to design a RC-CSJw project at Rosemary School.
The Campbell Chamber of Commerce invites local service clubs to participate in their annual awards dinner, scheduled for March 25 this year. If you would like to attend the dinner to honor Neil and other community members, please contact Jim Morelan.

Campbell Middle School Science Camp

CMS sixth grade teacher Joanna Johnson introduced David and Teqia, who attended the school’s Science Week at Camp Costonoan in January. The kids talked about the things they enjoyed, including seeing unusual wildlife (like kissing a banana slug), enjoying group meals in the cafeteria, and cabin-group living.

RC-CSJw makes this trip possible by funding the transportation costs for the buses and cargo vans that take kids and their luggage up to camp for the week. A smaller percentage of CMS sixth graders attended this year as a result of reduced scholarship money available from other sources. Perhaps Rotary can help out with that next year?

Noel Murphy: The Speaker’s Gym

Guest speaker Noel Murphy presented his ideas about effective public speaking, and offered to provide help to anyone who needs it. Noel invited Derek Fujikawa to tell us about his family, and gave Derek a few tips to enhance his speaking skills. He also engaged Ann Lauzon in a debate about speaker energy and dynamics.

For more information, visit Noel’s websites: The Speakers Gym and Noel Murphy Trainings.