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Welcome, Carl Middione!

No one’s complaining, but we just can’t seem to keep our Club Roster up to date ….

Carl Middione joined our club today, essentially transfering from the Warm Springs (Fremont) Club to the Rotary Club of Campbell & San Jose West! Carl is a semi-retired tax accountant, who still manages a few accounts. He is also an extremely accomplished Rotarian who whouls have not trouble earning his Blue Badge. Welcome, Carl!

Welcome, Anne Lauzon!

The “Red Badge Parade” continues, with lots of energetic new members for our Rotary Club!

Jerry Cummings introduced Anne Lauzon to our club today! Anne is the owner of CIWA Inc., a waste and recycling business in San Jose. Anne wasted no time getting excited about our Club activities, and pledging to help find some marquee entertainment acts for our Community Concert. Welcome, Anne!

Avenues of Service: October 20

District 5170 hosts its annual Avenue of Service meeting on Thursday, October 20, in Hayward: 5:00 – 9:00 pm, including dinner. Times will vary by the sessions you attend.

Sessions include each Avenue of Service, plus the keynote speaker will be Otto Austel, MD, a medical doctor and Rotarian who has represented Rotary with the CDC and WHO.

This meeting is intended for every Rotarian, but especially new members and those in charge of committees. Please consider attending. Sign-up before October 10, and the Club pays for your dinner! RSVP to Bill Highley. More Details: Continue reading Avenues of Service: October 20

SJ Rotary Hurricane Relief

The Rotary Club of San Jose has recently identified a local project for Hurricane Relief. Here is the announcement from the Club’s Executive Director, John Kennett:

Great news. We have a wonderful hurricane relief project identified with Slidell, Louisiana Rotarians (see attachment). Our fund raising is going well (over $40,000), but we will need the help and participation of other District 5170 Clubs to reach our goal of $100,000. We would really like to include as many California Rotary Clubs in this effort as possible. The amount contributed is not important. Now that we have a great project to work with, we will be extending our fund raising efforts outside of Rotary as well. At least one of our Rotarians will be serving in the area soon as a Red Cross volunteer and she plans on making direct contact with Rotarians in Slidell within two weeks. If there are other local Rotarians going to the area, we would like to talk with them before they go.

Rainbow Childcare Preschool Project

The Rotary Club of San Jose is pleased to announce that we have decided on a project to support the hurricane disaster in the Gulf region. Continue reading SJ Rotary Hurricane Relief

Rotary Community Concert

It’s a good chance that years from now, we will look back on this date and say, “That’s where it all started …”

Ashish Bhargava presented our incredibly audacious idea of a Community Concert, presented by Rotary, in conjunction with various community sponsors and local performers. The idea has evolved over time, and the Presentation is available in PDF. It’s a “fluid document” and will need to be refined over time.

His presentation also included a personal introduction (the coveted “ice breaker”), and we finished the meeting by presenting Ashish’s blue badge.

Welcome, Mary Arenas

One of our newset members has recruited another new member!

Sue Klear introduced Mary Arenas to the Club on September 20, after bringing her as a guest for a few weeks running. Mary owns “Just For You … By Us,” a gift basket and specialty gift company. Her shop is located in Sue’s building.

Mary finds herself running a successful business and looking for opportunities to give back to her community. Rotary is the perfect fit. Please welcome Mary, and make her feel at home in our Club!

October Fest: October 15-16

Hosted by the Campbell Chamber of Commerce, Octoberfest will be held Saturday & Sunday, October 15 & 16, in downtown Campbell.

The Rotary Club of Campbell & San Jose West will be staffing our usual food booth, selling lunch and dinner items to fairgoers. All proceeds support our projects and charitable donations inside our community.

To sign-up to help, please contact Bill Ellington.

Friends Outside

Paul Bacosa introduced us to Jennifer Tait, executive director of Friends Outside, a non-profit United Way agency that provides critical support services to inmates and their families.The agency was founded 50 years ago in Santa Clara County and has grown to serve many other counties across the state.

With four jails and up to 5,000 prisoners, Santa Clara County has the 13th largest county jail system in the country. At any given time in our county, 3% of children under 12 have a parent or family member in county jails. Crime and imprisonment has a tremendous impact on families, especially among the innocent children of inmates.

Among the services Jennifer’s 20 staff member provide are court-mandated prisoner services (disciplinary hearsing, library books) and community-funded family development services (crisis intervention, wrap-around programs, teen clubs, girl scouts, school intervention counseling).

Vocational Spotlight

Your Vocational Committee at Work!

This week, we held a successful working meeting, that featured a presentation from two students who attended RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) Camp this past summer. Jessie from Westmont HS and Jillian from DelMar HS talked about the friendships and experiences they had at Camp Campbell.

We also enjoyed presentations from new members Ravi Chair and Jason Baker, who each shared their professional background and some of their personal observations about life. Jason is a class action lawyer who finds the law to be a great way to stand up for little guy. Ravi is one of the premier data design engineers, and demonstarted the evolution of disk data storage over the past 30 years. We’re glad to have them in the Club!

Sherman Naymark: Energy

As our club returned to a normal weekly schedule after Labor Day, Rick Davis introduced his longtime friend Sherman Naymark, a respected scientists in the field of nuclear energy.

Sherman presented a brief history of the world from the perspective of energy, detailing the incredible pace of recent discoveries that have made more energy available but have also used more than ever before.