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Rotary Response to Hurricane Katrina

Fellow Rotarians –

A number of our Club Members have friends, family, and interests along the Gulf Coast, and I know all of our thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by this disaster. I hope it comes as some relief that Rotarians worldwide are considering responses to the damage wrought by Hurricane Katrina. I will keep you posted as I become aware of opportunities for us to help.

Yours in Rotary,

David Keller
Club President

—–Original Message—–
From: Arlene Greenberg
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 6:26 PM
Subject: FW: Hurricane Katrina

The following email was received from R.I. Director Jerry Hall:

The current emergency and crisis caused by Hurricane Katrina has resulted in RI sending the following message to me:

RI Web folks and the Programs staff are working on posting a letter from President Stenhammar to Rotarians affected by Hurricane Katrina. There is a letter which will be sent from the President to the DG’s from the region as well. This letter to Rotarians along with information regarding Disaster Relief questions will be posted on the RI website at the following link:

I have already received a number of inquiries concerning relief efforts and I suspect it will be a few days or weeks before a definitive strategy is developed. As additional information is received I will forward it to you.

As I receive additional communication I will certainly let you know. We are all concerned about the victims of the Hurricane and as caring Rotarians we want to help in any way we can.

Yours in Rotary,

Arlene Greenberg
District Governor 2005-06
District 5170

Aug 30 … Meet at St. Elizabeths’ Day Home

We will meet at our regular time next week, but not at our regular place.

Please join us at St. Elizabeth’s Day Home (website – map) on Tuesday, August 30, at 12:15, to celebrate the completion of our 2004-05 Rotary Centennial Project. Many of us participated in the design and construction of a handicap-accessible ramp, which benefits the children and families of San Jose’s oldest childcare provider.

For more information about this meeting, please contact Marv Bamburg or David Keller.

Larry Stone: “Baseball San Jose”

We welcomed Larry Stone to our meeting today. As a member of the San Jose Rotary Club and as a representative of Baseball San Jose, he was welcomed with open arms and applause, until he reminded us that we is also the Tax Assessor for Santa Clara County; then we booed.

Larry outlined several compelling reasons to believe that Major League Baseball will come to San Jose, including economic incentives that favor relocation of the Oakland A’s, property acquisition plans being considered by the City of San Jose, and business realities affecting MLB itself.

For more information, and to add your name to the “Declaration of Independence,” you can visit

Felicia & Jocelyn say “Goodbye”

School starts this week, and that means that schedules are changing for our President and his family. Six-year-old Jocelyn starts first grade, which means she’ll be in school for most of our Tuesday meetings. Felicia (now 19-months-old) is ready to spend her lunch hours napping rather than being quiet in a Rotary meeting. So, we won’t see the girls as regularly for a while.

Of course, for more details, keep up with your president and his family at his RotaryDad weblog.

Rotary Day at KTEH 54 … Sept 17

Updated Sept. 15: This Event has POSTPONED by KTEH! … We will try to participate when the auction is rescheduled.

Save the date … In close collaboration with Judy Armstrong, our “youngest” member Jason Baker is coordinating another of our popular “Rotary Nights at the KTEH Auction,” set for Saturday, September 17.

Rotarians from our club will serve as telephone operators from 5:00 to 10:00 pm that evening, and two of our members will get extra on-air facetime as guest Auctioneers from 8-10:00. If you are interested, please contact Jason!

Horseshoe Champs: Jerry & Fred

Congratulations to club members Jerry Cummings and Fred Meyer! The athletic duo combined to win the coveted horseshoe tournament at last week’s Area 8 BBQ! It’s the second time in three years that our club has claimed the championship.

Special Thanks also are extended to Jim Burgard, who organized our Club’s participation in the BBQ. Not only did we play a significant role as volunteers, we also had the largest club attendance in recent years. Thank you, Jim!

No Meeting on Aug 16 …

We may not be meeting at EMQ on Tuesday this week, but your attendance is still requested … at the Area 8 BBQ on Thursday. Please RSVP to Jim Burgard ASAP! That’s a lot of acronyms!

Rotary Presidential Dinner: 9/24/05

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From: Arlene Greenberg []
Sent: Saturday, August 06, 2005 11:38 AM
To: Arlene Greenberg
Subject: Fw: Rotary Presidential Dinner 9/24/05

Dear Presidents:

RI President Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar will be in Sacramento, September 24, 2005. He will be speaking at the Saturday night dinner at our Zone Institute which is attended by past District Governors. Continue reading Rotary Presidential Dinner: 9/24/05

Day at the A’s Donations!

Congratulations and Thank Yous are due to several members of our club who purchased tickets to Rotary Family Day at The A’s 2005. Through their generosity, we donated more than 20 tickets to children and families served by EMQ.

Thank You to Kathy Williamson, Marc Wagner, Cecelia Babkirk, Bill Highley, Neil Reid, Marv Bamburg, and Jerry Cummings.

Area 8 BBQ on August 18

Speaking of being Dark, we will skip our usual Tuesday meeting (Aug 16) in a few weeks in favor of the District 5170 Area 8 BBQ.

In the late afternoon of Thursday, August 18, please join the clubs from Los Gatos (morning and lunch), Cupertino, and Saratoga for our annual barbeque at Blackberry Farm. For more information, please contact Jim Burgard.

Updated August 6: RSVP ASAP to Jim Burgard! Every Rotarian is asked to attend the BBQ, since we’ll be dark on August 16. And, the Club pays for your dinner! Families are welcome! Vegetarian fare included (Veggie Burgers and assorted salads).