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Professional Paths

Our May 31 program was a unique one, featuring four of our own club members, presenting their own stories and their own twists on career paths and ethical choices.

Judy Armstrong introduced the ideas behind Rotary’s “Four-Way Test,” including some history and some other guiding principals of Rotary.

Sue Klear intoduced herself with her story of educationl and career transitions from corrections and probation work to youth psychology to neural feedback. Her evolving career has centered around helping people improve their lives through various means.

Olivia Kerkula shared her career history in administration and management, particularly focusing on her commitment to her daughter. Her latest endeavor – publishing school-based communication tools that are also fundraisers – shows a real compassion for community involvement and youth work.

Falsely suggesting that his career was less exiting than the others presented, Jim Burgard detailed his transition in and out of consulting and corporate jobs in environmental engineering, including ground-breaking work in clean rooms and founding his own company. His return to Rotary with a dsire to make a difference is a great reminder for all of us.

Kick Off 2005-06 on July 12!

Please attend! We’re planning a special “Kick-Off Party” for our luncheon on Tuesday, July 12 (the first meeting of the new Rotary year). Same time; same great food!

Every member of the Club is asked to attend! Please mark your calendars!

Each Committee is meeting prior to the Kick-Off to set goals and plan their activities for the year. At the Kick-Off Meeting we’ll hear from each Committee and have a chance to provide input as we move forward.

It’s a new, energetic concept that should be perfect for our re-energized club. See you there!

Healthy Vegetarian Food

Beginning next week, our luncheon food offering will be expanding to include a non-meat entree to complement our current “meat and potatoes” menu. Initially, these entrees will be in limited supply (enough for approximately six lunches).

This is an evolving process, and EMQ’s chef Roger has asked most of us to stick with the meat dishes until we are sure the vegetarians amongst us have eaten. If everybody eats the vegetarian stuff first, it defeats the purpose.

If you’re a carnivore – but you find yourself salivating over the veggie items – say something! We can change the proportions if we want to for future meals.

eMail Archive Removed

Due to technical difficulties, the RotaryCSJw eMail Archive has been removed and discontinued. If you really miss it, let the webmaster know. Thanks!

Tom Boren, SJSU

Cal-Berkeley alumn Jerry Scott introduced Tom Boren, the new Athletic Director at San Jose State University (SJSU).

He started with a rousing toast to the future of Spartan Athletics, and conveyed his excitement for the new direction of his program.

With the arrival of Dick Tomey as head football coach, SJSU has started a “new beginning.” Boren is creating a new business model to offer a product that people want to be a part of. A significant component is the idea of a “student-athlete” with a graduation rate of 100%. SJSU has 400 students on athletic scholarship, and is committed to their success on and off the playing surface.