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Welcome Jim Burgard

Jim is yet another new member, although he’s not brand new to Rotary.

Recruited back byPhil Nielsen, Jim is an environmental engineer and is the President of Environetics Engineering, Inc. His office is in Santa Clara. He resides in Monte Sereno, and his
wife’s name is Helen. Ask him about his hobby … auto restoration!

Istanbul Hospital Projects

Special Burn Treatment BedCecelia has returned from Istanbul with great memoires and some fabulous pictures of the tremendous impact our Rotary Club has had in that community. Our local Rotary CSJw Fund (our own Foundation) contributed money that was matched by Rotary International and combined with efforts of the localclub in Turkey. The result is a new Infant Treatment Bed and a Special Burn Treatment Bed in Haydarpasa Numune Hospital.

More pictures are available, along with the email update she wrote while in Turkey.

The Return of Joe McTaggart

Though only temporarily, the Club was treated to the long-missing wit and wisdom of Joe McTaggart … It’s not clear of his wit was missing entirely, or just from our club.

Joe provided his unique perspective on a number of topics, managing to include stories about Texas, skunks, space flight, and garlic all in one speech (if not all in one vignette).

We wish Joe and his wife Connie well in their recovery from broken hips and childcare, and we hope to see at least one of them again soon!

Rotary & Polio

On the April 12 anniversary of Jonas Salk’s Polio Vaccine, the Wall Street Journal editorialized on the impact the Rotary has made across the globe. Read the story here.

Bill Highley Gives Back!

Bill Highley (one of our newest Rotarians) continues to set a great example for everyone! This week, Bill returned his lucky “Marble Draw” winnings, with significant contributions to our two Rotary Foundations!

The Rotary Foundation (TRF) of Rotary International supports the incredible array of international service projects, including several recently completed activities sponsored by our club.

Our local foundation (the “CSJw Fund”) is our own club’s repository for annual fund raising proceeds and special restricted contributions. It has been the policy of the CSJw Fund to award grants each year, usually a set percentage of fundraising proceeds and investment income.

Bill made $250 gifts to each to TRF and the CSJw Fund. Thank you, Bill!

Live Long & Die Short

Peter Butler (a Rotarian from the Oakland #3 Club) shared his take on living long and dying short. He also gave a forceful argument for working hard to prevent illness, before you have to treat it.

Most people believe that the United States has a medical care crisis; Mr. Butler suggests that actually have a health crisis. We have the best health care in the world, with an incredible array of effective treatments and precription medicines. Unfortunately, we also have huge demand for these items because we fail to prevent illness by maintaining our health through eating well, regular exercise, and moderation.

Among his tips: Stop eating refined sugar. Avoid tobacco and caffeine. Stay away from transfats and processed foods. Exercise regularly, if not strenuously. Keep your body in good working order, and it will last an incredibly long time.

He also encouraged everyone to assess their own chronological age at

Protected: Deliver Wheelchairs to Mexico

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Dist 5170 Golf Tournament

Gary Arita is coordinating our Club’s involvement in the District Conference Golf Tournament, scheduled for May 19. If you are interested in competing, please contact Gary as soon as possible.

Stroke Awareness Foundation

Invited by Dave Crowley, guest Robert Parsons (a stroke survivor) spoke on behalf of the Stroke Awareness Foundation. He also distributed informational materials produced by the Stanford Stroke Center.

Stroke (or “brain attack”) is a medical emergency resulting from the loss of blood flow to a person’s brain. Stroke is the third-largest killer of Americans, and the single-largest cause of disabilities in the country.

Bob described his own experiences with stroke and also presented important information that could save the lives of others. Strokes are survivable — and the recovery rate is much higher — if you get to the right hospital quickly. Unfortunately, many victims do not realize they have experienced a stroke. In fact, most strokes are detected by someone other than the victim.

Stroke Warning Signs

Sudden weakness, numbness or paralysis of the face, arm or leg on one side of the body.

Loss of speech or vision (particularly in one eye).

Sudden severe headache with no apparent cause.

Unexplained drowsiness, loss of balance or coordination (especially associated with any of the other symptoms).

Welcome Gary Montgomery!

Gary Montgomery was officially welcomed into our Rotary Club today by fellow “red-badge” member Bill Highley. Gary is an independent realtor, with offices near Dry Creek and Bascom. His wife Leslie is a medevac nurse.

Gary is jumping right into things, and plans to volunteer at the LifeBuilders EHC “feed the homeless” event next Monday. Welcome, Gary!