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Thank You, Rick & Dea!

Our club celebrated Rotary’s 100th Anniversary with a festive internaional potluck dinner on March 26, at the home of Dors & Rick David. The evening was entertaining and featured an incredible array of international cuisine: Turkish, Italian, Japanese, Greek, Mexican (to name only a few). Even families got into the act, with lots of spouses and kids in attendance!

Thanks also to Dea Wilson, who organized the menu and the evening.

Feng Shui

Dea Wilson introduced her friend Reiko Nakayama, who described the flow of energy through our bodies and into our psyche, and how it can be influenced by our environment.

After describing why our meeting room is a good place for us (wide open spaces, brightly lit, multiple entrance pathways, and a wall behind our dais), Reiko explained the major “areas of life,” including Family Energy, Wealth Energy (prosperity, abundance vs. scarcity), and Fame Energy (sommunity reputation). Imbalances in our energy could spell trouble in the future.

She also explained the differences between various east asian spacial concepts, including the Indian tradition of “Vastu.”

April: District Assembly

Rotary District 5170 hosts its annual meeting and training event in April, at the Double Tree Hotel in San Jose.

Thursday, April 21 (4:45 pm – 9:00 pm): Dinner and Training. New Club Members, Service Chairs, and Board Members are expected to attend! Our Club pays for your dinner if you attend!

Saturday, April 23(9:00 am – 11:45 am): Open Forums for Membership and for “The Rotary Foundation.” Saturday’s event is free, but you are asked to register in advance.

To register, speak with Club President-Elect David Keller. Registration is due before April 10th!

Other events in April: Club Calendar

Jerry Scott’s new MiniCooper

Alert Sergeant-at-Arms Gary Arita has captured club member Jerry Scott red-handed … driving his new Mini Cooper, suitably cloaked in Cal colors …. the Fine: $5.

This isn’t a picture of Jerry’s actual car, but it’s a remarkable facsimile.

Ferrari Racing

Jim Morelan introduced Dea Wilson, who introduced us to her father-in-law, David Wilson. Mr. Wilson has been a professional racer and driving coach for many years, turning a passionate hobby into a successful business endeavor.

David told us all about Formula One racing, which is tremendously popular around the world. He also showed off his favorite car, and gave guest (and future Rotarian) Jason Baker a spin around the block … all speed limits observed!

His important driving tips are also great ideas for life and for business: When teaching, try to relieve anxiety, compliment skills, and offer good tips. Whe driving, know what to look for. And most importantly, know when to slow down.

Santa Clara County Libraries

After successfully winning her own library bond measure earlier this year, Ruth Kohan introduced Jason Baker to speak about an upcoming mail-in ballot measure to fund our County Library System, including the Campbell Library.

Jason argued that technology has not made libraries obsolete, as some expected the Internet to do; in fact, “for a lot of people, libraries are the Internet.” Santa Clara County Libraries have repeated been ranked #1 in the nation, providing more than 7,000,000 resource checkouts each year.

When ballots are mailed April 8, Measures A & B will be the first measures in our county to be voted on entirely by mail. Measure A extends the current property tax levy (averaging $33/home each year), which provides 20% of today’s Library Budget. Measure B would increase the property tax by another $1/month to restore services to previous levels. Both measures require a two-thirds majority to pass, and voting concludes May 3.

Up-To-Date Club Calendar

Our Website now includes a calendar of Rotary events, including featured weekly speakers, member birthdays/anniversaries, social events, service projects, and other important dates.

Please review our Club Calendar frequently!

Rotary ALLIANCE Project

In conjunction with several other Rotary Clubs, we have completed the renovation and upgrade of a recreation rom at ALLIANCE for Community Care. The Willow Glen Resident (and other SVCN weeklies) provided this coverage (including our now-famous Kit Whitney!): WG Resident.

$500 Winner

… Well, actually $502! New member and confident Rotarian Bill Highley pulled out the clear marble today, winning the pot and humbling big spender Cecelia Babkirk. Now Bill really has a reason to be excited about Rotary!

But, don’t worry, there was a consolation prise … The long faces of all losing Rotarians were turned into smiles with the gift of a free “Rotary Club of Campbell – San Jose West” coffee mug for each club member.

The ever-exciting marble draw resets at $50 next week!

Speech Contest

Winner: Michael Carter, Prospect High School
Speech: “Service: A Lifetime Commitment”

Second Place: Kevin Baldwin, Leigh High School
Speech: “Courageous Patience”

Other speakers:

Joe Hussey, Boynton High School

Sami Najafis, Westmont High School

Megan Wall, Branham High School