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Lincoln HS Chamber Orchestra

In our annual St. Valentine’s Day Celebration, we were treated to some spectacular classical concert music, performed by the Lincoln HS Chamber Orchestra.

Today’s playlist (in no particular order):

Entrance of Queen Sheba
Brandenburg #3
All I Ask of You
My Funny Valentine

You can contact any of the talented musicians through the head of the music department at Lincoln High School, Sofia Fojas: 408-535-6300 x440.

Dea Wilson Co-Chairs Social Committee

To assure that the most vital function of our Rotary Club receives top billing, new member Dea Wilson has joined Kathy Williamson as co-chair of the Social Committee.

Stay tuned for some exciting activities …

Rotary Fights Polio

Perhaps the greatest achievement of Rotary’s first century has been PolioPlus, the collaborative effort to eradicate Polio from the planet.

In 8/04 Glenn Estess, Sr. Rotary Internat’l President, attended RI’s Polio Summit in Delhi, India, where more than 1300 Rotarians, health officials and governmentt leaders (including India’s President) convened to coordinate the final push to wipe out Polio in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan. Epidemiologists report that India is on track to stop poliovirus transmission by the end of ’04.

It is only a matter of time before polio is eradicated forever, thanks to the Foundation and our global health partners. PolioPlus will serve as our lasting legacy to the world’s children.

Country Woman’s Club of Campbell

In celebration of their own 100th anniversary, the Country Woman’s Club of Campbell has invited Rotarians to attend a few of their gala events:

Tuesday, February 22: 21st Annual Solo Music Competition. This is a free event, featuring many young performers on-stage at the Heritage Theater.

Thursday, February 24: Celebration Dinner at Villa Ragusa; $35 per person includes dinner and a copy of their book, “A Century of Memories.” No-host cocktails start at 5:30. If you’d like to go, please see David Keller for ticket information.

Judy Visit Brussels; Andre Rieu is Hot!

Flying all the way to Belgium on KTEH business may have affected Judy in more ways then one! From the interview she conducted to publicize his upcoming conert, Judy reports that classical music sensation Andre Rieu is a delightful host (watchout, Doug!), and an excellent musician.

Judy has also invited our club to form a group if we are interested in attending the KTEH benefit concent on December 15, 2005. Keep your eyes posted for details ….

Barbara Harshman, SJMN

This week, Rick Davis introduced Barbara Marshman, associate editor of the Editorial Opinion Pages for the San Jose Mercury News, who discussed recent trends in good government and how the Mercury News has worked to promote open and ethical government.

In addition to highlighting the recent stories about Terry Gregory and the new City Hall, Ms. Harshman discussed the influence that money and lobbyists have on government decisions. She also spoke extensively about the quandry that term limits (specifically “two-term” term limits) pose for our elected policy makers. Although it appears that two-term limits have had some positive impact, these limits have also had some unitended consequences, particularly with public officials in their second term looking to move into another office.

Citizen of the Year: Fred Meyer

The Rotary Club of Campbell & San Jose West has named Fred Meyer its “Citizen of the Year,” to be honored by the Chamber of Commerce on Saturday, February 26. In the past year alone, Fred has tirelessly volunteered his time to teach Boy Scouts to shoot, build a handicap ramp, and serve food for the homeless monthly, among many other accomplishments. Toiling mostly under the radar until now, Fred deserves our praise and our thanks!

UPDATE: The Campbell Chamber of Commerce invites you to “Celebrate Campbell’s Champions” on the evening of Saturday, Feb 26, at Villa Ragusa in downtown Campbell. If you are interested in attending, please contact Jim Morelan before Febuary 14!.

Tsunami Relief Options

UPDATE February 8: An overwhelming outpouring of support from both our club and other companies worldwide has resulted in a potential oversupply of water purifiers. The District is currently looking into other projects to fund as donations from clubs continue to increase.

UPDATED January 26: Cecelia reports that 20 water purification units have already been shipped, and another 20 are due to be sent this week. Also, the manufacturer is including an extra filter in the shipment. Donations are still helpful through January 28.


This article details options for responding to the recent tragedy along the coast of the Indian Ocean.

At our regular Board Meeting on Jan 11, our Board approved allocating $1700 from our Club Foundation. Combined with the matching COG money described below, this money will fund a water-purification system bound for Sri Lanka.

If you would like to make a personal contribution to support additional water treatment systems, we’d like to channel that money through our own foundation. Please bring a check made out to “Campbell – San Jose West Rotary Foundation” to our next meeting.

You may still wish to direct personal contributions to agencies providing immediate aid, and Rick Davis can help you make an educated gift.

Cecelia Babkirk provides additional information below.

Pictures of the water system are also available in this PDF File from Cupertino Rotary.


A Note From Cecelia Babkirk …

This is to bring the membership up to date on the information regarding Tsunami Relief projects that are circulating in the district.

First, it?s important to understand that Rotary International, The Rotary Foundation and, for the most part, our clubs and districts, are not really organized to be an immediate relief organization. The reason is that, in the Rotary world, there is a disaster somewhere in the world every week and we are called to respond to all of them. Thus, if you go to the Rotary International web site (, you will see that Rotary International recommends that funds for immediate relief be sent directly to Non-Governmental Organizations such as UNICEF, International Red Cross, Red Crescent, Americares, etc.

However, in light of the magnitude of the Tsunami?s impact in Asia, our district recognizes that many people wish to do something tangible RIGHT NOW and that just donating cash doesn?t make them feel as good as contributing to a worthwhile project.

There will be many worthwhile projects coming down the pipe in the next several months that will make a real difference over there. Many of us will continue to receive e-mails from people we don?t know requesting funds for this and that project.

Roland Wanigatunga, of the Sunnyvale Sunrise Rotary Club, is a past president of the Rotary Club of Colombo West, Sri Lanka, arguably one of the hardest hit areas. He continues to have active contacts with his former Rotary Club and has done many Rotary Foundation projects over the years, thus has a reliable relationship with them. They have requested portable water purification units, as potable water is the most immediate need for the people there. The Los Altos Rotarian (sorry, I can?t recall his name) and Roy Russell, a water purification expert, have researched a number of such units and determined that one particular unit will meet the needs requested by the Sri Lanka club. The unit is portable, costs approximately $2,100 and will provide one gallon per minute of clean water for up to one year. This is over 1,000 gallons per day and is enough to supply clean water for 8,000 people.

The units can be purchased immediately and be shipped within a matter of a few weeks. Fedex will ship the units at no cost to Singapore Air?s Cargo terminal on the west coast and Singapore Air will fly the units for free to Sri Lanka.

Many clubs in the district are committing to purchasing one or two of the units. Interestingly, the district is allowing clubs to use their Club Opportunity Grant money to apply toward the purchase of the units. The COG money must be matched by cash from the club.

Our club has $486 in COG funds available. With the match, we can purchase about half of one of the units. However, for another (approximately) $1,150, we can make up the difference to purchase one unit from our club. This money can be raised from several sources: the restricted funds for international projects which are in our club foundation, non-restricted funds from the foundation, cash donations from our members and/or cash donations from friends and families of our members, many of whom have asked what we are doing to aid in the effort.

This is an ideal opportunity for us for many reasons. The main one is that our President, Kit Whitney, has had as her goal, to do a water purification project as an international project this year. I have spoken with many, many Rotarians from other parts of the world about the feasibility and cost of doing such a project and, for the most part, the costs are prohibitive for a club of our size and with the assets that we have available. This would meet President Kit?s goal and still leave funds for other projects. Heaven knows this would be a project that really will do a lot of good for up to 8,000 people that we will never know.

Please understand ? this is NOT a District 5170 project. We can spend our money any way we wish. The district found this way to respond to the many who were asking what we as a district can do. The district is coordinating the project, however, and is asking that any checks be made payable to Rotary District 5170 Foundation, which is a 501C3. If our members feel more comfortable making the checks to our club foundation, I?m sure Phil Nielsen would be happy to accumulate them and forward them to the District foundation.

We do not have to purchase whole units. Any funds over and above the cost of a unit will be pooled with funds from others in the district to purchase as many additional units as there is money.

Again, there will be many additional projects coming down the pipe over the coming months. I am already aware of several that are excellent and will help the people of the region take care of themselves in the long term.

I?ll finish now by asking for volunteers. Since there are so many possibilities for international projects this year, I would like to ask for six volunteers to join me on the International Service Committee. We can have a lot of our discussion via e-mail with perhaps a short meeting in the next month or so to make some project recommendations to the board. Please call or e-mail me if you are interested.

Yours in Rotary,

New Rotary P.O. Box

> We now have a new P.O. Box for our Rotary Club … now conveniently
> located at the main post office, mere blocks from our EMQ lunch meetings.
> Our previous mailbox has been closed, and mail will be forwarded to the
> new location.
> Please help out with the transition!
> 1) Do you have any old keys? Please return any old P.O. Box keys you may
> have (or know the whereabouts of) to me ASAP.
> 2) If you have been responsible for maintaining any of our affiliations or
> relationships, please make sure everyone has our new address! ….. This
> includes local businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, RI, District 5170,
> vendors, automatic-payment services, other local service clubs, and anyone
> else …. Maybe you could just forward this email!
> 3) Change any email messages, letters, brochures, or stationary you have,
> so the old address is permanently removed!
> Rotary Club of Campbell & San Jose West
> P.O. Box 11116
> Campbell, CA 95011-1116
> New Phone, too: (408) 287-8119

Welcome … Dea Wilson

The Rotary Club of Campbell – San Jose West is pleased to announce a new member!

Originally from Romania, Dea Wilson provides business consulting and coaching services from her home office in Campbell. She moved to the U.S. 8 years ago, and now lives in Campbell with her husband Ethan.

To find professional contact information for all members, visit our Members Page. To find personal and professional contact information for all members, visit our Members Only section (password protected).