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Dr. Melody Lynd, MD

Council on Aging

Due to poor turnout, our planned Club Assembly was scrapped in favor of a brief overview of the Council on Aging and its role in serving the elderly of our community. Loretta Larson from COA spoke about her agency and the growing need for affordable and easily-accessible service for the elderly.

As Baby Boomers age into retirement, our society will experience an “Age Wave” as the number of Americans over the age of 65 grows beyond the numbers of younger-aged care-givers. The so-called “Sandwich Generation” of adults raising their own children and caring for their own parents will increase insize, without a similar increase in services (particularly in the Bay Area).

COA strives to be a one-stop shop for seniors and caregivers looking for help in a variety of areas. Their current array of services include Meals on Wheels, Gateway referral services, health care advisors, senior workforce development, case management social workers, in-home support services, and an emergency response network.

As part of our Rotary Club’s annual fundraising, our club presented a check to COA in support of their activities.

Council on Aging

South Africa’s District 9270

Speaker: Nick Phillips, District Governor for District 9270, in southeastern South Africa.

Mr. Phillips presented some intriguing demographic information about his homeland (and his Rotary District), and shared some of the pressing needs for ongoing service projects that we could choose to support. The primary concerns in sub-Saharan Africa are the HIV Pandemic, expansion of primary health centers, water sanitation, and literacy/education.

He closed his speech by singing his country’s national anthem, “A Prayer for South Africa” sung in many languages.

District 9270 Website

Handicap Ramp at St. Elizabeth’s Day Home

Please Join Us for a future workdate! PDF: Project Description

From Marv Bamburg …

As you know the Club has agreed to construct a handicapped ramp at one classroom at the St. Elizabeth Day Care Home. It is a hands-on project involving building construction work (excavation, concrete work, framing, railings). We are fortunate to have several experienced builders in the Club who have volunteered to act as supervisors of the ?unskilled? volunteer Rotarians who will actually do the work.

We have selected the month of October to do this. Rotarian volunteers are needed for all remaining weekends in October, both Saturday and Sunday. The work will start at 0900 on Saturdays and at 1000 on Sundays running a full 8 hour day. Lunches will be provided. Both male and female Rotarians are expected to work on the project.

Please select a date or dates for your participation; more than one day would be appreciated. Kiwanis may help us if we cannot provide the necessary staffing. Please email Marv with your choice of day(s) so we can be sure of a full workforce.

Successful Child Advocates Picnic Held Oct 2

Marc Wagner organized and executed another outstanding annual picnic, honoring the volunteers who act as “court-appointed child advocates” in our community. Several Rotarians and their families were among the 225 people who participated.