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The Focus Of My Life Is In The Body Shop

An Update from Joe McTaggart (edited for brevity).

Good ol’ number one wife, Connie, whilst cavorting with the grandkids, pulverized her left femur. That really is the word for it, pulverized. You know the old saying, “Effn she wuz a horse, we’d a hadda find a smaller jockey or maybe even take the saddle all the way off!”

The sports medicine Em-Dees at Kaiser are plugging in a brand new top half of her left femur. They took out the shards of the old bone and fed them to the watch dog that lives in the Operating Room.

Seems to me that the biggest problem will be getting Connie to walk around some. Just helping her out of bed is like peeling an abalone off a rock.

Crazy! The seven year old grand daughter wonders what happened. She says, “I fall down two or three times a day. How did Grammie get hurt?” When a three foot tall kid falls, she starts about halfway down to the ground by comparison to a tall adult. Kids, of course, are made out of rubber.

West Valley College

Tuesday, August 24: John Hendrickson
West Valley and Mission Community Colleges
Community Colleges November Bond Measure

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International Update

Tuesday, August 17: International Update
South American Rotary Clubs

Ruth Moves to Willow Glen Library

At the start of August, our own Ruth Kohan became the Branch Manager for the Willow Glen Library! Read the story in the Willow Glen Resident (August 4, 2004).

Club Members are invited to join the “Friends of the Willow Glen Library” and help Ruth keep the local branch running smoothly. The cost is just $5 per year, plus some meager commitment of time. Print the Enrollment Form, and bring it to the next meeting.

Rotary Sponsors Rose Bowl Float

From Kit …

I am a big fan of the annual Rose Parade in Pasadena. Rotary has participated in this for many years. Rotary’s Float Committee is asking every Rotarian to contribute $3.00 for the expenses. Kindly bring a few $1’s with you to the Rotary Luncheon tomorrow. Thanks.